Tire Recycling

Ontario Launched a Used Tires Program on September 1st, 2009. The Used Tire Plan is a free tire disposal program for Ontario Residents to recycle their used tires. There are a number of Collection facilities available across Ontario where the public can drop off their used tires. Below are frequently asked questions:

What types of tires are included?

All on-road and off-road passenger and commercial motorized vehicle tires including:

  • Motorcycle tires
  • Truck and bus tires
  • Mobile home/trailer tires
  • Earth-moving and road building vehicle tires
  • Mining, logging and agricultural use vehicle tires
  • Any industrial and other vehicle tires to provide mobility.


If you want to do what’s best for your lawn;
If you want to want save money and reduce waste;
grasscycling is the way to grow!
Please don’t fill our landfill with grass clippings!

Grasscycling means leaving your grass clippings on your lawn so that valuable nutrients are returned to the soil. By allowing grass clippings to remain on your lawn, you will add organic matter, which encourages earthworms and soil organisms, and increase the lawn’s resistance to drought, disease, insects and pests.

Recycling FAQ’s

Here, you can find answers to a variety of questions involving Norfolk’s ‘Simple Sort’ recycling program.

What is the new two-box recycling program all about?

The County has a new way of setting recyclables at the curb for collection. Instead of separating paper, boxboard and containers inside or beside the current box, the ‘Simple Sort’ system requires that materials be sorted into two separate boxes. All paper products like newspapers, flyers, cereal and tissue boxes, magazines and small corrugated cardboard boxes, plus the bag of plastic bags go into the existing black (or blue) recycling box.


Norfolk County ‘Simple Sort’ Recycles

Image of how to properly recycle using the two sort system, versus the improper way of putting it in bags

Norfolk County recycles using the 2-box ‘Simple Sort’ system. Instead of putting all of their recyclables in or beside a recycling box, residents must separate them into two boxes.

Use the small recycling box you already have (blue or black doesn’t matter) for paper products such as newspapers and magazines, paper packaging such as boxboard cartons for cereal and tissues and a bag of plastic bags.

Garbage and Recycling

Garbage and Recycling

Norfolk County has a wide variety of services and programs to help our residents dispose of waste as efficiently and environmentally sound as possible.  Information on these programs can be found on this site or in the 2024 Waste Collection Calendar.

2024 Waste Collection Calendar


For more information about the FoodCycler, click here.



Safe Waste Disposal Guidelines

  • Bag all waste.