Couple piggybacking along beach

Located along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Erie, Norfolk County is home to many kilometres of sandy beaches. For the best beach experience, visit one of the area’s two provincial parks. If you visit other areas, be sure to read all parking signage and be respectful of private property.


Port Dover is a beautiful and quiet resort town with friendly people and, of course, a scenic beach. Jump into the water for a relaxing swim or soak up the sun on the sand for that South Coast tan. The pier is a focal point for anglers, couples and seniors watching the fishing tugs return with their catches. If you want to hit the open water, the waterfront boasts a great marina and charter tours.

Norfolk County owns a small portion of the Port Dover beach. Most of the beach area is privately owned and is not monitored.

Beach Rules and Etiquette

BBQs are not permitted for use on the beach.

Dogs are not permitted on the beach*

  • Service dogs are permitted. Please ensure they are clearly identified with a service dog vest.
Fires are not permitted.
Glass containers are not permitted.
Littering is not permitted.
Pavillions are not permitted at any time.
Public urination/defecation is not permitted on the beach. 
Smoking/Vaping of any kind, including tobacco and cannabis, is not permitted on the beach. 

"Sport-brellas" are not permitted.

  • Only umbrellas with a centre-pole, no greater than 7 feet, and 9 feet of shade, are permitted.
Tents of any size are not permitted on the beach. 

Turkey Point beach is a long, shallow beach with many sand bars, ideal for families. Parking is available to the left as you enter the village. The beach extends into the cottage areas of Turkey Point, so please observe parking signs and respect the privacy of others.

Long Point is an incredible sandy beach on Lake Erie. The beach is part of Long Point Provincial Park, located on the 40 km-long sand spit recognized as a biosphere reserve by the United Nations.

The best beach experience can be found at the provincial park. If you park anywhere else, please observe parking signage, and respect private property. Note that high water levels can lead to significant beach reduction in this area.

To get the most out of your visit to Norfolk County's beaches, please consider the following:

  • Plan ahead by visiting
  • Consider visiting during off-peak times, such as through the week
  • Arrive at your destination early in the day
  • Read all parking signage to avoid getting a ticket
  • Be respectful of private property
  • Be aware of local weather conditions
  • Pack out what you bring in, or use provided garbage cans
  • Have a backup plan in case beaches are busy and parking is unavailable