Community-Led Initiatives and projects

Project examples that would fall under this process would be similar to past community-led projects such as the Port Dover Dog Park, Waterford Skate Park, Delhi Park Gazebo or Waterford Heritage Trail Paving.

This process will ensure a fair, clear, and consistent approach, which will help the County and community groups create a comprehensive partnership agreement and assist in navigating the complete lifecycle of proposed projects.

  • Organization details
  • Project liaison for community organization
  • Project details
    • Scope
    • Size (basic, intermediate, extensive)
    • New, replacement or upgraded amenity?
    • Demonstration of need
    • Timeline
    • Goals
    • Budget

  • Municipal Involvement Request (MIR) - Determines the role of Norfolk County in the project lifecycle. This request will be considered when laying out the final terms of the Municipal Involvement Agreement (MIA) (Step 4). Two preliminary options will determine the role of Norfolk County in the project and in the MIR/MIA.
    • Option 1- 100% of entire project lifecycle cost covered by the organization.
    • Option 2 - Request for any support; financial, operational, service level change, etc. Please note within this option, special consideration will be given to organizations who are able to able to commit to meeting an organizational funding contribution threshold of at least 50% of total cost of complete project lifecycle.

  1. Received and reviewed by the Chief Administrator's Office (CAO); Manager of Strategic Initiatives
  2. A high-level corporate review of overall project details. Does this project align with current County Master Plans, current/future projects, current/future budget items, and County Strategic Priorities?
  3. Circulated internally to subject matter experts for comments, these staff members would provide a more in-depth review of project alignment with divisional and departmental master plans, projects, department budgets, timelines, and potential grant opportunities.
  4. Review by Senior Leadership Team (SLT). SLT would determine the next steps for council approval related to project factors and Municipal Involvement Request (MIR) items such as;
    • Use of the land
    • Feedback to the organization. This will include delivering all staff comments and clarifying any further project details to prepare a staff report.
    • Financial contribution
    • Change in required staff time
    • Change in service level
    • Change in budget allocation year
  • Staff Report – Prepared by CAO’s office with support from relevant staff
  • Presentation at Council-In-Committee – Deputation from the organization, Present Staff Report
  • Council Direction on Project
  • The MIA confirms the role Norfolk County will take throughout the entire project lifecycle.
    • If MIA is not applicable, small projects may proceed under the provided terms and conditions.
    • If applicable, the MIA must be in place before that project begins.
  • If MIA is required, staff will use the MIA template and customize it for the project, subject to legal review.
  • County staff liaison assigned at this point


  • Organization secures funding
  • Procurement – As per MIA and County Policy
  • Construction
  • Inspection
  • Assumption
Community Led Initiatives Guidelines

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