Wetland Drain Restoration Program

Drainage Staff in Partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources, Long Point Conservation Authority and various other environmental agencies have established successful programs to enhance and restore wetlands and riparian vegetation on municipal drains.  These programs have reduced drain maintenance costs while improving quality and quantity and enhancing wildlife habitat throughout the County.

Drainage Services are provided under the Engineering Division of the Norfolk County Public Works.  The primary services provided are Maintenance and Construction of Municipal Drains as regulated under the Drainage Act.

Drainage staff are available to assist property owners in resolving private drainage issues in an effective and cost efficient manner through the use of the Drainage Act.

Drain Maintenance

Municipal Drain maintenance is an obligation of the municipality under the Drainage Act.  To provide an effective and cost efficient maintenance program, Norfolk County has adopted an open ditch maintenance program where each open ditch municipal drain which is maintained with a five year period.  Currently due to unforeseen weather conditions the program is operating between six to seven years.

Throughout the year landowners identify issues related to Municipal Drains on their property and are encouraged to contact Norfolk County Drainage Services for repairs.

Drain Construction Program

Municipal Drains are initiated by landowner petition under the Drainage Act.  Through a regulated public process a report is prepared by a drainage engineer then adopted under By-Law.  Alterations to Existing Drains must also be completed through a similar public process.

For information on the status of individual projects please contact Drainage Staff  at Delhi Administration Building at 519-582-2100.