New Garbage Bag Limits – effective October 1, 2013

  • 4 bags of garbage per household
  • 8 bags of garbage per commercial unit

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is required to comply the new bag limits?

The new limits apply to everyone in Norfolk County. This change impacts any resident of Norfolk County who sets out more than four bags of garbage at the curbside for collection. The garbage bag limits are the same across all of Norfolk County.

 What are the new limits?

The new limits will be in force starting October 1, 2013. The current bag limit is changing from the allowable six bags per week for a residence to four bags per week. Properties under the current commercial bag limit of ten bags per week will be reduced to eight bags per week. The collection contractor will take only the number of bags allowed and to leave stickers on bags that are over the limit.

Why is the bag limits changing?

There are lots of reasons: Generally households are doing a great job of recycling, diverting and reducing the waste they generate so the six bag limit is out of date. Waste audits done in Norfolk County show that 85% of residents are already setting out less than three bags a week. Many other municipalities have garbage limits of two or less so we are behind the norm and we are compared to other areas for blue box funding dollars. Everyone pays for garbage through property taxes. People setting two pay the same as someone setting out six. The new limit shrinks the differences. The new Waste Diversion Act will set new targets for recycling and we need to capture recycling that is still going to landfill. Money comes to municipalities from manufacturers to help pay for the blue box program. The lower bag limits will help to capture blue box material that is still going to landfill.

What if I recycle everything I can and I still can’t meet the bag limit:

Tips that may help you reduce waste:

• Review the acceptable blue box materials; (Recent waste audits found a significant amount of single layer cardboard  in the garbage that could have been recycled.) • Consider backyard composting. Generally speaking 30% of household garbage is compostable at home. (The County offers discounted backyard composters for sale.) • Use the leaf and yard waste collection weeks or depots. • Consider the life span of items purchased, product packaging and how to dispose of them before bringing them home. • Look for take back and drop off depots for certain materials such as scrap metal, HHW, and electronics. • Save the extra bag for the next week’s collection. • Donate reusable items to charities, friends or relatives • Take the material to the local transfer station (regular tipping fees apply) regular tipping fee which is currently minimum of $16 or $120 per metric tonne. • Consider a rental bin

Set-out Tips

  • Have your material at the curb by 7 a.m. on your collection day to ensure that your material is picked up
  • Place your material at the edge of the curb on your property either on the grass or on your driveway, not on the road way
  • Keep areas adjacent to collection areas clear of obstacles like basketball and hockey nets
  • In the winter, be sure material is visable and not hidden by snow banks

Unacceptable Waste

  • Liquid wastes of any type will NOT be accepted.
  • Leaves will NOT be picked up for landfill material. Check local newspapers and website for the Spring and Fall Leaf and Yard Waste Collection Schedule
  • Christmas Trees, whole or cut, will NOT be collected. Watch for local papers in December for Christmas Tree recycling depot drop-off centres.
  • Household Hazardous Waste will NOT be collected. Bi-annual events are held in the spring (Simcoe & Delhi) and Fall (Port Dover and Langton). Check local newspapers for times and dates of events.
  • Household Electronics, computers, cell phones, printers, etc. will NOT be accepted. Electronics can be disposed of during the Household Hazardous Waste events, mentioned above.
  • Bulky Items will NOT be picked up at the curb. They can be taken to the transfer stations (disposal fees apply).