Norfolk County Slogan

Working Together with Our Community

Norfolk County Mission

Working together with our community to provide quality services.

Norfolk County Vision

The Norfolk County way of life is rooted in our:

  • natural environment;
  • unique sense of place and community;
  • business diversity and confidence; and
  • collaboration to achieve results and adapt to changes we encounter.

Key Principles:

These are the most important principles that we adhere to in everything we do:

  • Accountability and Ownership – Accountability to the community, transparency and good governance matter.
  • Dedication and Commitment – We are engaged, helpful, and value public service excellence and the people we serve.
  • Value for Money (Efficient, Effective, Economical) – Service delivery with a mind to achieving best use of tax dollars.
  • Mutual Respect – Work with others and conduct ourselves in a civil and diplomatic manner at all times.
  • Collaboration – A team approach to resolving issues, in a coordinated, cooperative and seamless manner.
Slogan, Mission, Vision, Key Principles