Visit By-Law 2014-46 Norfolk County’s Animal Control By-Law.

Norfolk County’s Service Provider:

  • Hillside Kennels Animal Control
  • Office: 519-469-3247
  • 1-888-469-3247
  • For further information  visit the Hillside Kennels website.

2020 Dog Tags and Kennel Licenses:

The 2020 Norfolk County Dog Tags are now available for purchase.
Please complete the 2020 Dog Tag Application Form
For further information on 2020 Dog Tag fees and purchase locations, 2020 Dog Kennel License and administration offices, visit our Dog Tag Information page.

Cats:  Norfolk County does not provide animal control services for cats.

Coyote Interactions:

Coyotes have been part of Norfolk County’s local ecosystem for some years.  This means that sightings are not uncommon.  Residents can take many measures to prevent negative interactions with coyotes.  Below are links to information which may assist residents.  Those that experience a coyote encounter are also encouraged to fill out Norfolk County’s online tool which assists us in building a better understanding of coyote interactions.

Report Coyote Encounter

Coyote Information Links: