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To Obtain Bid Documents

Official bid documents must be obtained from the department as outlined in the bid document. Failure to do so may result in disqualification of your bid.

If a bidder has downloaded the bid document from this website, it is the responsibility of the bidder to monitor the website for any addenda issued.

Bid Submissions

Sealed formal bid requests must be clearly marked as to contents and will be received at the Robinson Administration Building, Corporate Support Services, 185 Robinson Street, Suite 100, Simcoe, ON, N3Y 5L6 before 2:00:00 p.m. on the day of closing.

Informal quotation bid calls will also be posted on the website.  Please review the documents carefully for information regarding the bid closing date, time and location.

Unofficial Bid Results

Unofficial bid results will be posted within the Description/Document column for a minimum 3 month period after the day of closing. Pricing detailed in the bid result documents are the prices that are “read out” at the public opening. Prices are subject to change if there is found to be a discrepancy between the unit and extended pricing as per the Purchasing Procedures. Exclusion: some pricing may not be provided in a public forum as required by the Municipal Freedom of Information Act.

Accessible Documents

Documents created, adapted or otherwise presented on behalf of the County or to County employees must be made available in accessible formats as required in the AODA and O. Reg. 191/11, for the lifespan of the document.

Unless determined by the County to not be practicable, contractors shall ensure that any information, products, deliverables and/or communication (as defined in the Integrated Regulation) produced pursuant to a Contract shall be in conformity with World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA and shall be provided in accessible Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF etc.

Please refer to the Guide to Creating Accessible Documents for additional information.

Notice of Participation

This posting is a public notification that Norfolk County is a participating agency in one or more procurements conducted by the following cooperative buying group(s):

1. Grand River Cooperative Procurement Group (GRCPG) –

2. Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM) –

3. Local Authority Services (LAS) –

4. Ministry of Government Services (MGS) –

5. Police Co-op Purchasing Group Program (PCPG) –

6. Middlesex-London Health Unit –

Norfolk County reserves the right to participate in other buying group procurements not identified above at their sole discretion.

Current Bidding Opportunities

Current bidding opportunities.
Document NumberDocument NameClosing Date
PW-E-19-84Engineering Services for the Port Rowan / St. Williams Transmission Watermain ReplacementSeptember 10, 2019
PW-R-19-40Rental of Stacker & HopperSeptember 4, 2019
PW-R-19-50Loader Rental for Winter Control Dundurn Storage FacilitySeptember 4, 2019
CS-PR-19-16Two (2) Electric Ice Edgers – Simcoe Recreation Centre and Langton ArenaAugust 21, 2019
PW-R-19-26Highway Crack SealingAugust 27, 2019
PW-ES-19-03Simcoe Reservoir Roof Membrane ReplacementAugust 27, 2019
PW-E-19-83Engineering Services for James Street Reconstruction, DelhiAugust 27, 2019
PW-R-19-24Winter Maintenance of Municipal Parking Lots and SidewalksSeptember 10, 2019
CS-PR-19-14Port Rowan Park PavilionAugust 20, 2019
PW-ES-19-04Supply and Installation of 40′ Truck ScaleAugust 14, 2019
CS-PR-19-15 CLOSEDSimcoe Kinsmen Park – Rubberized Ground SurfaceAugust 13, 2019
CS-F-19-02 CLOSEDScott Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) CylindersJuly 26, 2019
2019-RFP-203Collection Agency Services for Provincial Offences and Municipal CollectionsJuly 30, 2019
CS-PR-19-08Page Wire Fencing Installation ProjectsJuly 31, 2019
PW-PWAS-19-08 CLOSEDFive (5) New Standard Cab Half Ton Pick Up TrucksJuly 23, 2019
PW-FAC-19-05 CLOSEDJanitorial Services 2019 – 2024August 6, 2019
PW-PWAS-19-07 CLOSEDFour (4) New Tandem Axle Trucks Complete with Dump Body and Plow AppurtenancesJuly 30, 2019
PW-R-19-48 CLOSEDSupply and Apply Micro SurfacingJuly 9, 2019
PW-E-19-31 CLOSEDSidewalk ReconstructionJuly 9, 2019
PW-FAC-19-13 CANCELLEDExterior Painting at the Teeterville Women’s Institute HallJuly 3, 2019
PW-R-19-28B CLOSEDPavement Line Marking 2019June 25, 2019
PW-E-19-71 CLOSEDDon Jon Boulevard Reconstruction, Port DoverJune 25, 2019
CS-PR-19-11 CLOSEDSimcoe Kinsmen Playground Accessibility UpgradesJune 25, 2019
CS-PR-19-13 CLOSEDPort Dover Lions Community Centre Floor RefinishingJune 12, 2019
PW-E-19-82 CLOSEDEngineering Services for a Single-Lane Roundabout at Thompson Road East and Cockshutt Road and Resurfacing of Thompson EastJune 18, 2019
PW-E-19-65 CLOSEDKing Street Reconstruction, DelhiJune 18, 2019
HSS-SSH-19-01 CLOSEDConsulting Services for the Review of the Haldimand Norfolk 10-Year Housing & Homelessness PlanJune 11, 2019
DCS-TED-19-01 CLOSEDIndustrial Land Surveying and RegistrationJune 14, 2019
PW-FAC-19-11 CLOSEDRoof Replacement at Fire Station #2 Port Dover and Partial Roof Replacement at the County Administration BuildingJune 4, 2019
PW-FAC-19-08 CLOSEDReplacement of Air Handling Unit and Hot Water Heater – Port Dover ArenaMay 29, 2019
PW-R-19-28 CLOSEDPavement Line Marking 2019-2021May 28, 2019
PW-D-19-05 CLOSEDEngineering Services under the Drainage Act for Cedar Ordnance PetitionMay 28, 2019
PW-E-19-68 CLOSEDEngineering Services for Watermains Replacement and Nelson Street West Reconstruction, Port DoverJune 11, 2019
ECS-COMMS-19-02 CLOSEDPrinting the Fall/Winter 2020 InNorfolk Community GuideMay 23, 2019
CS-F-19-01 CLOSEDFire Dispatch Services 2020-2024June 11, 2019
PW-ES-19-02 CLOSEDExternal Courier Services for Water and Sewer Samples 2019-2021May 16, 2019
PW-E-19-42 CLOSEDDelhi Wells 3A & 3B UpgradesJune 4, 2019
PW-FAC-19-06 CLOSEDRenovations – East Area Roads Operations FacilityMay 28, 2019
ECS-IT-19-02 CLOSEDRecreational Management SoftwareJune 25, 2019
CS-PR-19-10 CLOSED2019 Urban Forestry Tree MaintenanceMay 2, 2019
PW-R-19-13 CLOSEDSupply and Delivery of Virgin or Refined OilMay 10, 2019
PW-R-19-25 CLOSEDSupply and Application of Liquid Dust SuppressantMay 3, 2019
ECS-IT-19-01 CLOSEDHuman Resources Information System (HRIS)May 28, 2019
PW-E-19-45 CLOSEDSimcoe NE Well ConstructionMay 14, 2019
CAO-ADM-19-01 CLOSEDConsulting Services for Strategic Council Priority SettingApril 30, 2019
PW-R-19-03 CLOSEDAggregate Supply for 2019May 1, 2019
PW-R-19-29 CLOSEDSupply and Deliver Granular “A”May 1, 2019
PW-FAC-19-10 CLOSEDMasonry Repairs – 60 Colborne St. S., Simcoe, OnMay 8, 2019
CS-PR-19-07 CLOSED2019 Tree Planting ProjectsMay 8, 2019
CS-PR-19-06 CLOSED2019 Ash Tree RemovalsMay 7, 2019
PW-R-19-10 CLOSEDCold Recycle Mix ResurfacingMay 14, 2019
PW-D-19-02 CLSOEDMary MacKenzie Drain ConstructionApril 30, 2019
PW-E-19-66 CLOSEDLynn Park Watermain Phase 2May 7, 2019
PW-FAC-19-04 CLOSEDFire Separation Repairs at the Delhi Administration BuildingApril 23, 2019
PW-R-19-46 CLOSEDReclaimed Asphalt CrushingApril 16, 2019
PW-R-19-22 CLOSEDSupply and Deliver Class 1 Aggregate 2019-2020May 7, 2019
CS-PR-19-05 CLOSEDWaterford Tricenturena – Ammonia Condenser ReplacementApril 4, 2019
ECS-COMMS-19-01 CLOSEDNorfolk County Tourism Map and GuideApril 5, 2019
PW-E-19-30 CLOSEDCold In-Place RecyclingApril 30, 2019
HSS-NL-19-06 CLOSEDRespiratory Therapy Services for Norview Lodge 2019-2024April 9, 2019
PW-PWAS-19-04 CLOSEDShort Term Vehicle LeasesMarch 22, 2019
FS-TX-19-01 CLOSEDProperty Tax Registration and Tax ServicesMarch 29, 2019
PW-R-19-16 CLOSEDAsphalt PulverizingMarch 27, 2019
CS-PR-19-03 CLOSED2019 Spring Tree PlantApril 16, 2019
PW-E-19-61 CLOSEDSecond Avenue Reconstruction Phase 2April 16, 2019
PW-E-19-62 CLOSEDHead Street ReconstructionApril 16, 2019
PW-E-19-67 CLOSEDEngineering Services Watermains, Sewers & Road Upgrades, Port DoverMarch 19, 2019
CS-PR-19-02 CLOSEDElectric Ice Resurfacer – Port Dover ArenaMarch 19, 2019
HSS-NL-19-05 CLOSEDX-ray Services for Norview Lodge 2019-2024March 19, 2019
PW-PWAS-19-01 CLOSEDRequest for Municipal Infrastructure Locate Services ProviderApril 2, 2019
PW-E-19-52 CLOSEDNorfolk County Culvert ReplacementsApril 2, 2019
PW-D-19-01 CLOSEDSouth Middleton DrainFebruary 26, 2019
CSD-FRS-18-02 CLOSED4 Channel Rack Mounted Radio Logging Recorder – Simcoe FirehallOctober 10, 2018


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