Council’s strategic priorities are about building opportunities and welcoming new ideas while staying true to Norfolk’s roots – our people, our culture, and our history.

In October 2018, Norfolk residents elected their County Council and provided a clear mandate for change.

Together, Councillors heard from tens of thousands of residents and businesses and continue to hear from the people of Norfolk each and every day.  Through these conversations, and feedback during the priority setting process, Norfolk County Council has heard what matters most to residents and businesses, and where new ideas and solutions are important:

  • Fostering vibrant, creative communities;
  • Building a strong economy and creating an environment that is open for business;
  • Providing reliable infrastructure, from essential community amenities to transportation networks and water and wastewater services;
  • Establishing responsive, collaborative customer service; and,
  • Securing a solid foundation for success by improving Norfolk County’s financial health and strategic asset management and creating a culture of efficiency and continuous improvement.

Council has committed to strategic priorities to respond to community feedback and build a progressive, forward-thinking County that is undeniably Norfolk.

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Defining Success – Council’s Guiding Principles

 Norfolk County Council has developed six principles for success that will guide priorities and decisions from 2019 to 2022.


1     As one team, we are true to our roots.  We harness changes and embrace new ideas in a way that is undeniably Norfolk.

2     We will lay a strong foundation for those who come after us by undertaking the hard work involved in building a strong financial future and narrowing our infrastructure deficit.

3     We cultivate innovation that is truly made-in-Norfolk – we will build on our County’s innovations in agriculture, tourism and manufacturing and become the place where people can test their ideas and build exciting new enterprises.

    We will create an environment of opportunity in Norfolk, becoming a magnet for young people and facilitating places for them to collaborate, have fun, raise a family and build a future.

5     Our customers are the core of everything we do, and we will design efficient systems and processes that improve their experience.

6     We acknowledge a strong community is an accessible community where no one is left behind, and we will be active in advocacy and innovative thinking to address the needs of our vulnerable customers and residents.

Committed to Innovation

Norfolk County is committed to moving beyond “status quo” ways of doing business, and setting Norfolk County apart as a place that thinks differently when solving problems and seizing new opportunities.

Council’s goal is to build an organization, and a community, where innovation is at the core of every initiative, project and partnership that the County pursues.  While it is important to look to others to learn what has been done in the past and current best practices, Council wishes to move beyond these approaches and become a leader who develops innovative approaches and solutions that are looked to by others and are tailored to building a strong future for Norfolk.


Council has formed decisive and bold strategic priorities to move Norfolk County forward.  These priorities are focused on five specific areas and represent the greatest opportunities to build momentum and make a positive impact from 2019 to 2022.


1     Vibrant, Creative Communities

GOAL: Norfolk County has beautiful, safe neighbourhoods, a strong sense of community and great places for people.


  • Address vacancies in the downtown through programs and incentives for redevelopment and occupancy
  • Facilitate and promote a diverse and attractive mix of housing options to increase affordability
  • Create an environment where volunteers and service clubs will thrive and improve the community


2     Optimal Place for Business

GOAL: Norfolk County is seen as a willing partner to business, setting the stage for those who want to try new ideas.


  • Facilitate new programs to support agricultural innovation across Norfolk County, including a new agricultural innovation hub
  • Foster an environment for growth and innovation, creating new partnerships and new approaches
  • Create a Norfolk branding and marketing strategy


3     Quality Infrastructure

GOAL: Norfolk County demonstrates meaningful progress on projects that matter to residents and businesses and uses proactive infrastructure management strategies.


  • Find innovative and cost-effective new approaches to engineering, leveraging private sector knowledge and resources
  • Approve and invest in a strategy to address water and wastewater management and unlock potential for future development
  • Continue to build partnerships to improve access to broadband internet throughout Norfolk County
  • Work with the community to build an accessible, inclusive Community Hub as a critical amenity for community revitalization and post-secondary partnerships
  • Facilitate innovative new public transit solutions that address rural realities and economies of scale


Council remains committed to completing several ongoing infrastructure projects that are important to residents and business in Norfolk.  These projects include:

  • Complete a road repair and replacement strategy
  • Complete construction of the Long Point Bridge
  • Demonstrate leadership in addressing leaking gas wells
  • Implement a solution to address the Misner Dam


4     Focus on Service

GOAL: Employees at Norfolk County are enabled and empowered to use common sense approaches and create outstanding customer experiences.


  • Streamline processes for development applications, building permits, special events permits and licensing with line of sight to a common sense approach
  • Modernize Norfolk County’s approach to by-law development and enforcement
  • Redevelop the County’s customer service practices and systems to improve the client experience


5     Solid Foundations

GOAL: Norfolk County is a well-run organization, with financial sustainability and asset management as the cornerstone of the County’s future success.


  • Assure oversight and accountability for the County’s finances through strategies that include multi-year operating budgets, multi-year capital plans, asset management, variance reporting and high return on investment for the Legacy Fund
  • Build a strategic approach to managing facilities, addressing deferred capital maintenance and divesting assets and buildings that are no longer strategic for the County’s long term needs
  • Become a partner with private sector innovators and create an environment where it is easy to do business with Norfolk County through reduced requirements and streamlined procurement practices
  • Foster an engaged workforce that is empowered to find savings, efficiencies and continuous improvement


Thank you to Norfolk County’s residents and businesses for sharing their thoughts and ideas on what the Norfolk County should become.  Thank you to the people who provided their thoughts on what Norfolk County is doing right, what could be better, and what matters most.