Ontario Launched a Used Tires Program on September 1st, 2009. The Used Tire Plan is a free tire disposal program for Ontario Residents to recycle their used tires. There are a number of Collection facilities available across Ontario where the public can drop off their used tires. Below are frequently asked questions:

What types of tires are included?

All on-road and off-road passenger and commercial motorized vehicle tires including:

  • Motorcycle tires
  • Truck and bus tires
  • Mobile home/trailer tires
  • Earth-moving and road building vehicle tires
  • Mining, logging and agricultural use vehicle tires
  • Any industrial and other vehicle tires to provide mobility.

What types of tires are not included?

  • Tires on Toys
  • Bicycle tires
  • Personal mobility device tires
  • Commercial aircraft tires

Requirements for Tire Disposal

  • No dirt in the tires
  • Tires on and off the rim are accepted

To find a location where tires can be dropped off for free ask your local retailer or mechanic or visit  Rethink Tires website  or call 1-888-OTS-2202 for more information on the program.