Operating Name
 Project Description
Approved Amount
Apple Hill

The project will support the farm to enhance the visitor experience through infrastructure upgrades and expanding operations to include experiences and events that will enhance and promote rural tourism, as well as culinary tourism offerings.

Austin’s Farm

The project will support more capacity in the farm market kitchen, parking lot to park and accommodate more people and greenhouses to add to the experience for customers.

Black Creek Music Corporation

The project will support the renovation of a historic building in Delhi, to create an event space for live music with activities including the modernization of electrical systems, installation of professional lighting, updated interior and the purchase of equipment required to operate the location as a musical event space.

Bleacher Rentals

The project will create a concert style live entertainment event on the day preceding and the day following a rodeo event to help draw more visitors to the area.

Bonnieheath Lavender Estates & Winery     

The project will support the creation of unique experiences by renovating a new Bed & Breakfast and creating crafting space for interaction with craft master and for guests to create their own creations, and hiring experienced, passionate staff to tend to the customers.

Brant Hill Inn

The project will support the renovation of the facility to add kitchenettes to the 12 rooms on the property, attracting longer-term guests who would prefer to have access to cooking facilities.

Burning Kiln Winery

The project will enhance Concerts in the Vineyards by increasing production from five concerts per year to ten, with the hope to draw an additional 6,000-15,000 new visitors to Norfolk County.

Cider Keg Farm Market

This project will improve signage and accessibility, expand lines of products and services, and complete exterior improvements. Activities that will help to achieve these objectives include permanent exterior signage, moving and stabilizing the historic keg structure, lighting, interpretive map panel, selected paving, and interior signs as well as various equipment purchases.

Clonmel Castle

The project will support the restoration of Clonmel Castle, a renowned heritage accommodation site, with activities including new plumbing, electrical and heating systems, energy efficient windows and EV charging stations.

Cranberry Creek

The project will increase outdoor covered space and washroom facilities at the event venue at Cranberry Creek Gardens in Lynedoch Ontario through additions onto event spaces.

Downtown Simcoe

The project will enhance the Friday Night Market featuring local vendors in Simcoe’s downtown core by supporting increased safety measures, signage and improving accessibility.

Long Point Eco Adventures

The project will support increasing seasonal dispersion by winterizing current lodging and adding four-season lodging, adding three board rooms with year-round availability, a business centre, and gender-neutral washrooms in two separate locations. In addition, project funding will support adding paved ramps and improved pathways across the property to make the entire site interconnected and accessible.

Norfolk County
Delhi BIA

The project will revitalize Memorial Park in downtown Delhi with the addition of a covered pavilion to support live music, movie night and provide protection from the elements for those visiting the park.

Norfolk County
Fair & Horse Show

The project will support the elevation of the horse ring/competition area on event grounds, improvements to the washroom facilities, and investments in digital solutions to facilitate inquiry, payment processes, and streamline booking process.

Norfolk County Tourism

The project will create the “Visit Norfolk” app to increase cross-promotion, consumer spending, and improve understanding of tourism visitation data by placing digital tablets with the app in payment areas of various tourism operators. The tablets can then be used by the business’ staff to help visitors identify a curated list of things to do in Norfolk County, based on a short survey.

Ontario South
Coast Wineries and Growers Association

The project will support creating opportunities for increased revenue for local wineries, breweries and farms through culinary tourism and events within the shoulder season that highlight the emerging wine region within Norfolk County.

Pretty Smart Holdings

To support pop-up culinary events, which will include the installation of fireplaces and radiant heating, air filtration systems and contactless mobile access technology.

Ride the Bine

The project will support the expansion of tour offerings throughout the shoulder season and into new regions in Southwestern Ontario.

Simcoe Chamber
of Commerce

This project will create a Sustainability Program for Businesses that provides local tourism business members with tools and action plans to improve their customer satisfaction, and increase their staff motivation and business efficiency, minimize their environmental impact, adopt energy-reducing and waste management strategies, and enhance local culture and community well-being.

Antique Market

The project will improve infrastructure at the Waterford Antique Market to promote sustainability, energy efficiency and meet green standards.


The project will support improved accessibility, website enhancements, and developing and implementing new innovated tourism services and experiences at Whistling Gardens.


The project will support the design, construction and creation of an accessible and unique urban patio in rural Waterford helping to attract tourists to the downtown core.