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The 2024 Norfolk County Community Grants Program application process is now closed. The process opened on February 1, 2024 with a submission deadline of February 29, 2024. 

Norfolk County recognizes the need to assist non-for-profit organizations in taking on new initiatives and assisting organizations in carrying out their services and responsibilities. In accordance with Section 107 of the Municipal Act, Norfolk County Council may provide grants to organizations and groups who operate within, and/or provide services to, Norfolk County for any purpose that Council considers in the interest of the municipality.  These projects should align with one or more of the Norfolk County Strategic Priorities for the current term of Council, as part of Norfolk County’s Strategic Plan. These projects should be beneficial to the community and are clearly non-core or non-scheduled services offered by the County.

The Norfolk County Strategic Priorities for the current term of Council are as follows
  • Empowering Norfolk
  • Building Norfolk
  • Connecting Norfolk
  • Serving Norfolk
  • Sustaining Norfolk.

The County believes that organizations should become sustainable as soon as possible after they begin operations and should remain sustainable if the community provides the level of funding required for their operation. In other words, the County will not be supporting on an ongoing basis any organization that does not have a sufficient amount of support, financial or otherwise, from the community. Community grants issued by Norfolk County are designed to supplement the organization’s overall requirements to carry out the new initiative, deliver services or carry out their responsibilities. Community Grants should not be considered as a primary source of funding. Approval of grant funding in any one year does not guarantee future assistance and is not to be regarded as a commitment. Preference will be given to new organizations providing new initiatives, services or responsibilities.



Please Note – Council reserves the right to change eligibility requirements without notice at any time.

  1. Must be a “Not For Profit Organization” who meets one or more of the following requirements:
    • is registered in Ontario as a non-profit corporation by the applicable provincial or federal authority or ministry; or
    • is a registered charitable organization;
    • or is a volunteer-based community organization or group that can demonstrate that it provides a clear benefit to a community within Norfolk County and can show that the denial of grant/financial assistance would impact their ability to carry out their planned project(s)
  2.  Organization must be in existence for a minimum of one (1) year before consideration will be given for a grant.
  3.  Organization must have a Volunteer Board, or Steering Committee consisting of three (3) or more members.
  4.  Applicants must be located in, or provide initiatives, services or responsibilities to Norfolk County.
  5. Applicants must demonstrate active community support and fundraising efforts to support the continuation of the initiative, service or responsibility. 
  6.  Applications must align with one (1) or more of the County’s Strategic Priorities.
  7. Applications must include a completed “Project Budget Form” as well as a copy of the most recent financial statements and/or the current year’s budget at time of submission. Norfolk County will require proof of cost for any project expense item over $5000. 
  8. Project applications must have a benefit to the community.
  9. The applicant’s project does not unnecessarily duplicate successful projects that already exist in Norfolk County.
  10. Grant applications involving a special event(s) or festival projects that may require additional in-kind support from Norfolk County must contain a completed “In-kind Support Summary Form” with their grant application. The form is to be filled out and signed by County staff after an internal consultation with the departments involved that would be providing in-kind support. 
  11. Any organization that is currently receiving or has received in the last 12 months any operational subsidies, subsidized or discounted rates or fees or any “in-kind” services from Norfolk County must be declared on the application. These amounts may be deducted from the overall grant request.
  12. The Grant Application form must be completed in full, including all questions answered and all requested supporting documents submitted at time of application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


The following evaluation criteria will be used by the Selection Committee to evaluate all applications:

  1. How the initiative, service or responsibility aligns with the County’s Strategic Priorities.
  2. Applicants must outline clear, quantitative and measurable goals and/or project metrics.
  3. How the project positively benefits Norfolk County and positively contributes to the quality of life of residents. Preference will be given to organizations that provide programs, events or services to underserved populations and/or support diversity, equity and inclusion.
  4. Applicants must provide evidence of community support to enable the organization to be sustainable. This support could include:
    • additional financial and non-financial resources being leveraged from other sources;
    • details of the number of volunteers that will be involved in the work, and the number of hours they will bring; and
    • collaboration or partnership with other organizations.
  5. Applicants must provide evidence of financial need, as well as prove they have established diversified sources of revenue by submitting a copy of their most recent budgets or financial statements. Organizations that have current budgets or financial statements indicating a significant surplus will be required to provide explanations of the surplus and how the organization intends to use it.
  6.  Sound organizational track record. This considers if the organization has the ability, skills and capacity to undertake the work and has undertaken similar work in the past.
  7. The organizations project budget is accurate, financial viable, cost effective and contains feasible or reasonable timelines.


  1. The application intake will open in late January of the funding year, after annual budget decisions.
  2. The grant policy and application package will be available on the county website. 
  3. All applicants must review the Norfolk Community Grant Policy and complete the application for submission no later than February 28th of the year of the funding request. Applications must be completed in full for consideration.
  4. If applicable, any request for “in-kind” support must be outlined, in the in-kind support summary, with a dollar value and approved by the applicable county department prior to submitting the application. The Selection Committee will review applications in March. If a pecuniary interest should exist in an application, that Selection Committee member must declare and record a conflict and withdraw from the discussion.
  5.  The Selection Committee will review each application, based on the eligibility and evaluation criteria outlined in the policy, and make recommendations to Council. 
  6. Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified via email by the end of April. Successful applicants will receive an approval letter from Norfolk County’s CAO’s office or delegate, binding applicant to previously agreed upon terms and conditions of receiving a Norfolk County Community Grant.
  7. Community Grant Funds will be deployed starting May 1. 
  8. Grant Recipients must provide a detailed and accurate report for the project by filling out and submitting “Grant Reporting Form” to the County, no later than 60 days after completion of the project. Failure to do so will eliminate the organization from future grant funding consideration.


Application deadline: February 29, 2024, 11:59 p.m. (late applications will not be accepted).


For more information please contact:


Matt McGinty – Supervisor, Community Programs 519-426-5870 or 226-NORFOLK Ext 1336 or [email protected]