Norfolk County recognizes the need to assist nonprofit organizations in taking on new initiatives and assisting organizations in carrying out their responsibilities.


Norfolk County believes that organizations should be sustainable before they begin operations and will only remain sustainable if the community provides the level of funding required for their operation.


In accordance with Section 107 of the Municipal Act, Norfolk County Council may provide grants to nonprofit organizations and groups who operate within, and/or provide services to, Norfolk County for any purpose that Council considers in the interest of the municipality.


These services include but are not limited to the areas of recreation, arts and culture, environmental and other activities that support purposes beneficial to the community and are clearly non-core or non scheduled services offered by Norfolk County.


2021 Grant Applications

The County Grant Program invests in community events and programs that build
cultural capacity, strengthen the creative community, define Norfolk County’s unique identity, and enrich the quality of life of all residents.


At the November 10, 2020 meeting, Norfolk County Council approved a one-time
modification to Policy MC-05 County Grant Application Process as outlined in Staff Report CS-45.


Service clubs and nonprofit organizations are not exempt from the impact of COVID-19 and associated regulations, and are experiencing unprecedented challenges.


These challenges are expected to remain into 2021, so the eligibility criteria and process for County Grants for the 2021 year will be modified, to assist local festivals, events and services in adapting to the COVID-19 restrictions.


Due Date: January 31, 2021.


Qualification of Applicants

  • Cannot be a commercial or industrial organization. (Municipal Act, Section 106)
  • Must be a nonprofit organization.
  • Must benefit the community.
  • Cannot be agencies whose mandate is the responsibility of other levels of
    government where funding has been withdrawn.
  • Are not eligible if in arrears to the County.
  • Cannot use this grant to directly provide grants to others.
  • Requests for special events/festivals will be considered with other “in kind” requests.
  • Cannot be currently receiving any additional funding from Norfolk County


Evaluation of Applications

  • Preference to organizations that apply for reimbursement of expenses to meet safety requirements that allow cultural events to proceed, or support innovative approaches to ensuring the safe re-opening of cultural destinations. Additional eligible expenses include:
      • Technology related expenses to support digital engagement or contactless experiences.
      • Expenses related to physical distancing measures implemented at cultural sites and events (signs, plexiglass barriers, etc.).
      • Expenses related to innovation in program delivery in response to the pandemic.
      • Expenses related to other requirements outlined in ‘A Framework for
        Reopening our Province’.
  • Preference to organizations that provide programs events or services to a large
    number of children, youth, seniors, or volunteers.
  •  Applicants must prove they have established diversified sources of revenue.
  • Applicants may need to provide a comprehensive business plan to justify their
  • Applicants will be required to provide evidence of financial need.
  • Applicants shall demonstrate any and all economic spin-off benefits to the



  • All applicants must complete a 2021 Grant Application form for submission no later than January 31st, 2021.
  • All applications will be initially reviewed by an internal committee led by Financial
    Services and presented to SLT for approval and recommendation to Council. If a
    pecuniary interest should exist in regards to an application, that member of the
    committee must declare a conflict and withdraw participation in the discussion.
  • Grant entitlements will be paid in full. However, grant recipients will need to
    provide written confirmation of how and where the grant funds were expended by December 31, 2021. Failure to do so may eliminate them from future grant funding consideration.


Specific Annual Grants

Norfolk County will make specific grants to each Norfolk-based secondary school to award students for outstanding performance in a variety of areas. The County will provide an annual education bursary of $500 to each secondary school located within Norfolk County, for a graduating student applying for or pursuing an education in municipal or public administration, skilled trades, health, or an agricultural-related program.


Houghton Agricultural Society $2,000.00
Delhi Fall Fest Committee $2,000.00
North Walsingham Agricultural Society $2,000.00
Port Rowan Bay Fest $2,000.00
Donnybrook Fair/Charlotteville Agricultural Society $2,000.00


2021 Grant Application

2021 County Grant Guidelines


For more information please contact:
Administrative Coordinator, Mayor and Council
519-426-5870 Ext 1248 or [email protected]