Norfolk County recognizes the need for the County to assist non profit organizations in taking on new initiatives and assisting organizations in carrying out their responsibilities. The County believes that organizations should be sustainable before they begin operations and will only remain sustainable if the community provides the level of funding required for their operation.

In accordance with Section 107 of the Municipal Act, Norfolk County Council may provide grants to non-profit organizations and groups who operate within, and/or provide services to, Norfolk County for any purpose that Council considers in the interest of the municipality. These services include but are not limited to the areas of recreation, arts and culture, environmental and other activities that support purposes beneficial to the community and are clearly non-core or non scheduled services offered by the County.


September 2020 Update:  The County grant process is under review and information will be posted soon.  Please check back regularly. 

For more information please contact:
Administrative Coordinator, Mayor and Council
519-426-5870 Ext 1248 or