The Engineering department is responsible for

  • Implementation of 5 and 10 year Capital plans in Roads, Bridges and Environmental Services
  • Road, bridge and traffic studies
  • Corridor management, accident mapping, storm water management, pavement management and traffic management.
  • System capacity and optimization studies
  • Draft and maintain the land base information system for the department (i.e. GIS)
  • To complete the municipal drainage needs of Norfolk County
  • To develop policies and procedures

Integrated Sustainable Master Plan (ISMP)

At the November 8, 2016 meeting of Council, the following resolution from the November 1, 2016 Council-In-Committee was adopted:

THAT  P.W. 16-81, Integrated Sustainable and Active Transportation Mater Plans Completion, be received for information;

AND THAT Council adopts these Master Plans as policy for the planning and design of the facilities and programs discussed therein;

AND FURTHER THAT the Integrated Sustainable and Active Transportation Master Plans be incorporated in the Official Plan Update and future Strategic Plan reviews.

The ISMP assessed storm water, wastewater, drinking water and transportation to identify the needs to the year 2041 in these service areas.  The ISMP included a stand-alone Active Transportation Master Plan.

The ISMP is an important policy document for the reconstruction or expansion of County infrastructure, as well as development that will be assumed by the County.  Any projects undertaken for these service areas are to include a review of the ISMP and incorporate any relevant recommendations.

More information is available in each area listed below.

The Active Transportation Master Plan
Appendices To The ISMP

The ISMP will be updated periodically to reflect any changing conditions in the County and ensure that the direction of the ISMP and its recommendations, is still valid.

Design Criteria

Please contact the Engineering division for availability of the Design Criteria.