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Proposal summary


905 James St., 76 Wilson St., and the property with the roll number 3310491028020000000, Delhi.

File Number

OPNPL2023036, ZNPL2023037, 28CDPL2023069, 28TPL2023070

Original application

The original application included a proposal that would allow for the development of 664 residential units. The application has been revised to include street townhouses and smaller single detached dwellings. The original submission was for 514 lots and a 150-unit retirement home.

Revised submission

The revised submission now requests 724 lots and maintains the 150-unit retirement home. The developed area, areas identified as PSW, HL, SWM, Road, and the open space remain the same. The revisions are related only to the size and type of residential uses and lot configuration.

Table showing the original and revised unit count proposal
Housing Type
Unit Count Original Proposal
Unit Count Revised Proposal
5.5 metre (18 ft) Condominium Townhouse
5.5 metre (18 ft) Street Townhouse
6 metre (20 ft) Street Townhouse
6.7 metre (22 ft) Street Townhouse
6 metre (20 ft) Condominium Townhouse
7.6 metre (25 ft) Semi-detached lot
9.1 metre (30 ft) Single detached lot
11 metre (36 ft) Single detached lot
13.5 metre (44 ft) Single detached lot
18 metre (60 ft) Single detached lot
Retirement Home Units
Approximately 150
Approximately 150



As of April 6, 2023 – The application has been received and has been deemed complete. Notifications confirming the Notice of Complete Application have been circulated. The full Planning application process is summarized below.

Planning application process

Land use planning in Ontario is governed by provincial legislation – Planning Act. The Act sets out the statutory framework and steps required for each type of development application. It identifies items of provincial interest and enables other documents, including the Provincial Policy Statement, 2020. Section 3 of the Planning Act requires that decisions affecting matters “shall be consistent with” policy statements issued under the Act.

Municipal Official Plans are the most important vehicle for implementing the Provincial Policy Statement and achieving comprehensive, integrated long-term planning. Official Plans are required to identify provincial interests and set out appropriate land use designations and policies.

For most development planning application types, public notification is required, including a public hearing, to allow for public input. Planning applications must be available for review by the public before a public hearing.

When the planning application is received, County staff follow the process outlined below:

1 – Notice of Application Submitted

  • The Proponent / Agent submits an application; in this case, there was an Official Plan Amendment, Zoning Bylaw Amendment, Draft Plan of Subdivision, and Draft Plan of Condominium.
  • Under the Planning Act, there are 30 days to review the application prior to deeming it complete. In this instance, due to the complexity of the submission, staff needed the full 30 days to review the submission prior to deeming the application complete.

2 – Notice of complete application

  • Once the application was deemed complete, the County circulated a Notice of Complete application to neighbours located within 120 meters of the application.
  • The applicants were required to post notifications on the subject lands. Applicants were provided with three notification signs with an offer for more if they were needed, to ensure maximum visibility of the notifications.
  • Due to the type of planning application, the County is required to make a decision on the application within 120 days of deeming the application complete.
  • Following notification of the complete application, staff received a revised application, first in the form of a revised concept and then with the supporting documents, the week of March 20, 2023.
  • A new notification will be circulated with an update on the application.
  • The submission will be circulated to County departments and required agencies and organizations in accordance with the Planning Act requirements.
  • Given the complexity of the application and the number of detailed reports, time is needed to review and provide comments on the submission.

3 – Public Hearing Committee Meeting

  • A date for the public hearing committee meeting will be confirmed in the coming weeks. At the public hearing committee meeting, staff will present a report summarizing the proposal, the applicants will have an opportunity to present their proposal, and then members of the public will be able to comment on the proposal.
  • Notification will be circulated to those on the notification list and to those requesting to be notified.
  • The signage will be updated to list the meeting date.
  • Comments on the development proposal can be submitted to the Planning Department: [email protected].
  • All comments received in writing prior to the public hearing committee meeting will be included in the information report to Public Hearing Committee. Any comments received after the meeting and oral comments made during the meeting will be collected and included in the final recommendation report.
  • Hard copies of the application are available for review at the Planning Department office located at 12 Gilbertson Drive, Simcoe.
  • No decisions are made at the Public Hearing Committee meeting. It is an opportunity to listen to public comments and questions.

4 – Staff Recommendation Report

  • A recommendation report will go to Council for consideration after the public hearing committee meeting date. It will include all comments received and incorporate responses to those items.
  • All comments, questions, and feedback from the public will be shared with the applicants to allow them to respond and adjust as necessary.
  • When the recommendation report goes to Council for consideration, it includes related bylaws and conditions of approval.
  • Council then considers the application and either passes or refuses the application and corresponding bylaw amendments.

5 – Council Decision

  • A formal Notice of Decision will be circulated to the circulation list. This includes a 20-day appeal period.
  • Those members of the public who provided written or oral submission to the application have the ability to appeal to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) the decision of Council. OLT link here.

6 – Opportunity for Appeal

  • The proponent also can appeal to the OLT the decision of Council. If there is no appeal, then after the 20-day appeal period, the bylaws are in force and effect.
  • If there is an OLT appeal, then the application moves to the OLT process and makes the ultimate decision.

Optional information session by the proponent (applicant)

  • During the planning application process, the applicant can hold their own public information sessions. For this proposal, the proponent held their own public information session on March 20, 2023. County Planning staff were not in attendance for this session. Staff are focused on evaluating the application as submitted and will receive comments either in writing or through the Public Hearing Committee meeting to be scheduled in the future.

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