What is a Zoning By-law?

The basis for zoning is threefold. A municipal Zoning By-law:

  1. Protects Quality of Life / Use of Property / Property Value
    • To ensure that neighbouring uses are compatible
    • To ensure that people can reasonably enjoy their own property
    • To ensure that areas develop based on consistent and equitable standards
  2. Implements the Official Plan
    • Official Plans are not regulations
    • Zoning is the single most important means of achieving the objectives of the Official Plan
    • Section 24 of the Planning Act requires conformity with the Official Plan
  3. To Remove Discretion in Land Use Decisions
    • Zoning By-laws impose a ‘right of use’
    • All property owners are treated equally

Zoning By-law

The approved By-Law text, consolidated until January 1, 2021, can be accessed here:

The Zoning By-Law of Norfolk County

The Norfolk County Zoning By-Law has been developed to incorporate the policy direction of the Norfolk County Official Plan.

This digital PDF file is prepared for purposes of convenience only, and for accurate reference, recourse should be to the originals of the individual by-laws and related approval documentation.

The digital PDF will be updated to include any amendments that were approved since the last update twice a year (after January 1 and July 1). Please be aware that it may not be up to date. Hard copies of the County Zoning By-Law can be ordered by contacting Zoning Administrator.

Map Schedules updated to January 1, 2021:

Special Provision Schedules – Updated January, 2021

Zoning By-Law, Schedule A (combined) – Revised January 1, 2021

Zoning By-Law Schedule B -combined – Revised January 1, 2021

Zoning By-law 1-Z-2014 Schedule C

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