Norfolk County has a wide variety of services and programs to help our residents dispose of waste as efficiently and environmentally sound as possible.  Information on these programs can be found on this site, or in the 2018 Waste Collection Guide. The Collection Guide was mailed to every home in Norfolk County. Collection Guides are also available at any Norfolk County Customer Service Centre or Library. The guide details important and valuable information regarding the County’s waste and recycling services that are available to its residents.

Garbage Collection

Garbage is collected weekly in Norfolk County with a limit of 4 bags per household.  To find out about other information about weekly garbage disposal, view our Garbage Collection information page. For special pickup dates such as holidays, view our Holiday Collection Schedule.


Norfolk County now uses the 2-box ‘Simple Sort’ system. Instead of putting all of our recyclables in or beside a recycling box, recycling must be separated into two separate boxes. Please view our recycling in Norfolk County page for more information.

Household Hazardous Waste

Events held in April, May, September and October.

Household Hazardous Waste.

Leaf and Yard Waste Collection

Leaf and yard waste is collected in eleven urban areas in April, May, October and November and will be picked up on your regular garbage days. Leaf and yard waste must be disposed of in paper yard waste bags. For more information, including rules and restrictions on disposing of yard waste.

For general waste management inquiries or complaints, call Customer Service at 519-582-2100 or 519-428-0020 or e-mail


Know Before You Throw

If you are not sure where to dispose of a specific item, try searching for the item in question with the ‘Know Before You Throw’ search engine. If this tool does not have the item listed, please call Customer Service at 519-582-2100 or 519-428-0020 or e-mail