Tax certificate

  • The Tax Certificate can be a useful tool when used during the sale or purchase of the property.
  • In addition to taxes levied and outstanding, the Tax Certificate advises when property owners are enrolled in a program that requires some action before the closing date, such as a pre-authorized payment plan or a tax deferral program.
  • The Tax Certificate also identifies if the property owner has other debts to the municipality which are yet to be added to the tax roll.
  • A minimum of three business days is required to issue a Tax Certificate.
  • Property owners, who must supply proof of identity, or those who present a Power of Attorney or Authorized Representative form, may receive verbal tax account and property information.  Conditions apply.
  • Effective January 1, 2024, a tax certificate costs $67.00, payable to Norfolk County.
  • Contact ServiceNorfolk to request a tax certificate.

Statement of Account/Tax Bill Reprint

  • Property owners may request a Statement of Account/tax bill reprint.
  • A Statement of Account does not provide the same information as an official Tax Certificate (see above).
  • Effective January 1, 2024, the fee for a tax statement or a tax bill reprint is $9.55 per property per year/bill.
  • Contact ServiceNorfolk to request a statement of account.

Fees may be applicable for other documents, such as letters or account analysis.