The following are the respective Tax Classes and Rates for Norfolk County. The Total Tax Rate column includes the education plus the municipal tax rates.

All education tax rates are regulated by the Province. All school support within the tax class is billed using the same tax rate. For example, regardless of your school support all residential properties for the RT tax class pay at the same education rate. The tax class is defined by:

  • EP- English Public
  • FP- French Public
  • ES- English Separate
  • FC- French Catholic
  • N – Not designated for any specific school support but rather is divided amongst the various boards based on student population percentages provided by the Province
The codes for school support are indicated on your tax bill along with the Tax Class:

For example:

  • RTEP – Residential Taxable Full English Public
  • RTES – Residential Taxable Full English Separate

Applicable Tax Rates

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