What is a Tax Sale?

A tax sale is the sale of one or more properties by a municipality, to recover unpaid property taxes on those properties. Tax sales are conducted either by public auction or by public tender. After three years of unpaid property taxes, a property may be entered into the tax sale process.

Tax sale properties may sell for less than the market value of the property. This is because a municipality only needs to obtain the amount of taxes owing (including any accumulated interest and penalties), plus any costs involved in conducting the tax sale. The highest qualified tender is declared the successful purchaser.

After a tax deed has been registered, the former owner cannot redeem the property. However, before a tax deed is registered, the owner might be able to redeem the property by paying the cancellation price, thereby stopping the sale.

Tax Sale Information

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The Tax Sale Process

Tax Sale Process

Tax Sale Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions for Submitting a Tax Sale Tender

Instructions for Submitting a Tender

Sale of Land By Public Tender


Form 7 Tender to Purchase Form

Form 7 Tender to Purchase

Tax Sale Results – November 18, 2021

File Number Roll Number Civic Address Results
18-002 334.030.45600 6 John St. Port Dover Tax Sale Cancelled
18-012 401.001.21800 469 Norfolk St N, Simcoe Tax Sale Cancelled
19-009 336.060.45300 Cockshutt Rd No Bids Recieved
19-012 337.030.24900 2332 Highway 24 E Tax Sale Cancelled
19-020 493.020.02100 Charlotteville Rd 10 Tax Sale Cancelled
19-021 493.020.02410 847 Charlotteville Rd 10 Tax Sale Cancelled
19-039 543.050.36000 45 Hastings, Long Point Tax Sale Cancelled