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Access a grant of up to $5000 for projects that enable and promote the growth and sustainability of the arts & culture community and industry in Norfolk County.

Each project should be able to help advance at least one of the following outcomes:

  • Build Norfolk County’s brand as a destination for arts & culture
  • Increase tourist and local spending on arts & culture related activities and experiences in Norfolk
  • Strengthen local arts & culture organizations (e.g. projects that enable sustainable revenue increases, cost reductions, improved organizational management, etc)
  • Help arts & culture organizations adapt to pandemic-related requirements/restrictions
  • Help arts & culture organizations recover more quickly from the impacts of the pandemic

When developing a project proposal, we encourage your organizations to connect with existing and prospective patrons, the arts & culture community, and other stakeholders as required to brainstorm ideas and propose new, innovative, exciting initiatives.  Some examples of projects might include:

  • Create opportunities for artists to perform, showcase their work (e.g. other communities have used sea containers for pop-up galleries, performances, etc).
  • Innovative events that expose the community to arts & culture in Norfolk (in alignment with public health guidelines)
  • Assisting established events to adapt to online or socially distanced requirements during 2021, to maintain those events.
  • Providing training content and trainers, arts business experts, and other high-value knowledge providers so as to setup training and business enhancement programs that can be accessed by local artists and culture-focused businesses.
  • Engage youth in the community to capture and develop social content (photos, videos, stories) to highlight and promote local arts-related organizations and cultural attractions in Norfolk.

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