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Access a grant of up to $5000 for projects that support and enhance economic recovery and vibrancy in Norfolk County’s downtown areas.  A total of $30,000 is available for this program.

Each project should be able to help advance at least one of the following outcomes:

  • Increase the number of people who come downtown for shopping and recreation
  • Increase revenues for downtown businesses
  • Increase productivity and/or reduce costs for downtown businesses
  • Help all downtown businesses recover more quickly from the impacts of the pandemic

When developing a project proposal, we encourage your organizations to connect with businesses and the community to brainstorm ideas and propose new, innovative, exciting initiatives.  Some examples of projects might include:

  • Rotating pop-up stores
  • Public art projects*
  • High-value business skills training for owners and staff
  • Outdoor/movable furniture (reading rooms, open-air dining, etc)*
  • Repeatable events that attract people into the downtowns
  • Equipment to support businesses (patio heaters, patio sets, etc)*

* Note: Organizations looking to purchase equipment or other hardware/assets etc must have the capacity/ability to store and maintain those items.

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