Project: EIS-ENG-23-25 – Regional Road 21 Drain & Road Reconstruction

Construction Dates: Mid July – Early November 2023

Location: Lynedoch, ON

This notice is to provide notification of the start of the construction on the Regional Road 21 Drain & Road Reconstruction in the hamlet of Lynedoch.

Norfolk County has awarded a contract to Oxford Civil Group Inc. to undertake the reconstruction of the Regional Road 21 Drain and Road Reconstruction in accordance with the Drain Report, Plans and Specifications as adopted under By-Law 2023-03.

The drainage works will include but will not be limited to the reconstruction of the existing storm sewers, manholes and catch basins along Lynedoch Road including the restoration and stabilization of the existing ravine system where the new drain will outlet. In addition to the drainage works being completed, Lynedoch Road will be reconstructed including new road base, asphalt, curb and gutter from approximately 50m west of Old Church Street to approximately 50m east of Charlotteville Road 12.

Throughout the construction period, there will be disturbance and unfavourable conditions. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to complete the project.


Key Contact Information:

Project Manager

Norfolk County
Chris Dunn, Drainage Superintendent
(519) 427-3207
[email protected]

Drainage Consultant

Headway Engineering
Adam Hall
226 243 6614, Ext 3
[email protected]


Oxford Civil Group Inc.
Jon Janssens, Project Manager
[email protected]

After Hours Emergency



Project Scope – Regional Road 21 Drain & Road Reconstruction

In general, the scope of work will consist of the following and typically in the following order:

  • Establish site access and setup traffic controls;
  • Asphalt removals will occur along with vegetation and selective tree removals required to construct new drain in preparation for ravine stabilization;
  • Installation of sediment and erosion controls;
  • Installation of new storm sewers, manholes and catch basins;
  • Road restoration, along with installation of new concrete curb and gutters
  • Milling and paving works for roadworks
  • Boulevard and driveway restoration
  • Topsoil, sod, and landscaping restoration
  • Line painting
  • Final cleanup

Construction Schedule

The project has been awarded to Oxford Civil Group Inc. It is expected that the successful proponent will mobilize to the sites in or around the week of July 17th, 2023 and most work should be completed by late fall 2023.


Information for Homeowners

Transportation Impacts (Road Closures)

In order to promote a safe working area, this project will result in temporary road closures along the project route. For the safety and wellbeing of yourself and any pets, please stay out of the construction area for the duration of this project. The road will be open to local traffic only.

Driveway Access and On-Street Parking

The contractor is required to maintain access to all homes during construction.  There will be occasions when you may experience some delays, lack of service and inconvenience. Every effort will be made by the contractor to minimize these occurrences as well as communicate when they are to occur.

We do ask that you refrain from parking on the street during construction activities as this can delay things and prolong the construction period.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems

All work is to be completed on Norfolk County owned property. It is unlikely that any private sprinkler systems will be affected by this project. However, we ask that if you have underground lawn sprinkler systems, please mark the locations of sprinkler heads adjacent the road or municipal drain or road way within the project area.

Storm Sewer Servicing

Replacement of the storm sewer is being completed as part of this project to provide drainage for the new roadway.  Storm services to each property will not be provided by this system.

Garbage and Recycling

The Contractor is required to maintain the pickup of garbage bags, garbage containers and recycling boxes left at the curbside from abutting residential or commercial properties within the limits of construction.

This may include the picking up of bags, containers and recycling boxes and placing them at a location convenient for pick up by County contractor.  If this is required, empty garbage containers and recycling boxes shall be returned to the respective property owners on the same day.

Please clearly mark all containers and recycling boxes with your address so that they may be returned to the correct location.   All regularly scheduled garbage and recycling pickups shall be maintained regardless of whether the Contractor is working on that day.

Tree & Vegetation Removal

With every construction project comes the removal of some trees, shrubs or other vegetation for various reasons. Some are at the end of their life span, while others may be affected due to the working area and the need for access by trucks and equipment. Trees deemed to present a hazard or are in conflict with the current construction activities will be removed as part of this project.


Regional Road 21 Drain & Road Reconstruction Drawing Set