Emergency Updates

Emergencies are situations or impending situations caused by forces of nature, accidents, or intentional acts that constitute dangers of major proportions to life and property. They affect public safety, meaning the health, welfare and property, as well as the environment and economic health of Norfolk County.

Evacuation alert

In the event that an evacuation alert is issued, there is a possibility you will be required to leave your home. In the case of an alert:

  • Locate all family members and designate a place to meet outside of the evacuation area
  • Gather essential items such as medications, eyeglasses, valuable papers, insurance, identification, emergency contact numbers, and have them ready for immediate departure
  • Make arrangements for pets and livestock and move them to a safe area
  • Charge your devices and plan for batteries and alternatives

Norfolk County Emergency contact information


Emergency Preparedness

Be Prepared – Plan for Emergencies

In your day-to-day living, disasters may seem a distant possibility. Yet natural disasters such as floods or tornadoes, technological or environmental accidents such as chemical spills, or service disruptions such as power failures during the winter can strike any community, including yours, at any time.

Expect the unexpected and plan for it. Knowing what to do when a disaster strikes will help you better control the situation and be in a better position to recover more quickly.