Norfolk County Song

In 2001 County Council sought input from the community for a song for the County. It was to feature the unique and inviting qualities of Norfolk County as well as the people who live in the County. The desired effect was that the song would solicit civic pride as well as be a song that the community at large, school children and visitors would easily recognize and enjoy.

There were four submissions that were carefully reviewed, and the song “Norfolk County”


Norfolk County logo

The Norfolk County logo was created early in the formation of Norfolk County, designed by Tracy Haskett. It is green and gold and recognized by it’s “stylized” lettering. The County uses the logo to help brand it’s identity and can be seen on stationary, signage, and publications throughout the County.

It can also been seen on lapel pins and banners, which are available through the County Manager’s Office. Lapel pins are free to visitors to the County and the banner sells for $45.00.

The Flag

Norfolk County FlagOn October 24, 2006 Norfolk County Council approved the adoption of a Norfolk County Flag. Norfolk County staff, in collaboration with members of the Norfolk Heritage Committee, have worked diligently together to develop the colours and final outcome of the new flag. It has now been produced and is available.

The flag depicts the dogwood flower on a dark green background which symbolizes the following:

  • The dark green background represents the lush agriculture prevalent across Norfolk County
  • The Dogwood is a Carolinian species native to Norfolk
  • The four bracts (petal-like white leaves) surrounding the dogwood flower buds are symbolic of the four former municipalities (Norfolk, Delhi, Simcoe and Nanticoke ) that comprise the new Norfolk County .


Norfolk Coat-of-Arms

On January 16, 2005 the official Coat-of-Arms was unveiled in the Council Chambers of the Norfolk County Administration Building at 50 Colborne St. S. , Simcoe, Ontario . The unveiling took place at the annual Mayor’s Levee before a large public gathering of residents, Council and staff members.

The Coat-of-Arms will be used on the County’s official seal, proclamations, certificates, awards and invitations originating form the Office of the Mayor and Council.

Norfolk County’s Strategic Priorities

Norfolk County’s Strategic Plan defines the priorities that will build on existing strengths and set a solid foundation for the 2022-2026 term of Council, and for future generations.

On this page:


Created with input from local businesses, community agencies, staff, and residents, the Strategic Plan will act as a road map, providing strategic direction to guide the delivery of programs and services.