During the most recent Panorama event, Norfolk County introduced a new sign to assist with tourism, branding, place-making, and revenue-generating efforts. The new “NORFOLK” sign was met with mixed emotions and feedback from the community, and various questions arose.

Staff have heard concerns from Council and residents and are committed to addressing them head-on. For transparency:

  • During the 2023 capital budget process, Council approved a new stationary sign for $46,000.
  • As staff performed a cost-benefit analysis and reviewed the facts of the initially approved sign project scope, it was determined that a new mobile sign would offer significant advantages to the sign originally proposed and approved.
  • Staff proceeded on the basis that the total cost of the new sign would provide significant savings, as it would be eligible for a grant to reduce the costs. The mobile sign would also offer additional flexibility and return on investment. With the grant, the total cost for the new sign will be approximately $23,000, with the balance of surplus funds ($23,000) returned to reserves.
  • As the project scope changed, staff did not update Council, and as a result, Council was not aware of the change in project scope and the associated cost-benefit analysis.
  • To help improve operational efficiencies and communications, Norfolk is reviewing associated policies and procedures, updating our staff training programs, and enhancing onboarding processes for new staff.

Norfolk is optimistic that the identified improvements will result in enhanced process efficiencies.