Half mast

Norfolk County joins the world in paying respects as we learn of the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. We wish to send our deepest condolences to the Royal family, as well as citizens of Britain, Canada, and the greater Commonwealth who are mourning the loss of Her Majesty.

“The reign of Queen Elizabeth II spans the lifespan of myself, my parents, and most Canadians nationwide,” says Norfolk County Mayor, Kristal Chopp. “She has stood as the globally recognized symbol of the Commonwealth in each of our lives. Her photo has hung in our institutions and her visits to our nation from coast-to-coast have been celebrated occasions. Many of us do not know or remember a Canada without Queen Elizabeth II as our Sovereign.”

“I wish to express my deepest thanks to Her Majesty for her service to our country – and join the citizens of the Commonwealth in mourning her loss as this chapter of history comes to a close.”

Norfolk County has lowered our flags to half-mast to honour the longest reigning Monarch of Britain and Sovereign of Canada.