Rainbow crosswalk image

Norfolk County will install its second decorative crosswalk at the intersection of Main Street and Chapman Street in Port Dover on September 15.

The first Rainbow crosswalk, approved by Council in May, was installed in June on Union Street at Norfolk Street in Simcoe. The project was funded by “Ryder’s Rainbow”, an initiative that gained support from residents across Norfolk and raised more than $30,000 — enough to cover the cost of two decorative crosswalks. Based on input and feedback from the community, Port Dover was selected as the second location.   

“The reaction to the first rainbow crosswalk in Simcoe was incredibly positive, and it’s so exciting that we’re able to do something in Ryder’s hometown of Port Dover,” said Norfolk County Mayor Amy Martin, also a Port Dover native. “These projects are an indication that Norfolk County is a community that welcomes everyone.”

Studies have shown that high-visibility crosswalks are easier for motorists to see and have reduced vehicle-pedestrian collisions. Decorative crosswalks and other streetscape projects can also boost economic growth through increased investment in nearby properties and downtown revitalization. 

In March 2023, Norfolk County approved the Decorative Crosswalk Policy that defines the roles, responsibilities, and processes to implement, install and maintain decorative crosswalks.

Residents interested in learning more about how Council makes decisions can watch online at the Norfolk County streaming webpage.