Norfolk County has completed work on all Port Dover properties identified in 2023 as having irregular connections to the municipal drinking water supply.

In 2019, the County introduced a moratorium in Port Dover that paused new development projects until phased upgrades to the water treatment plant were complete. During this time, new properties were required to install cisterns and purchase water until additional capacity was available.

The County introduced a temporary upgrade at the water treatment plant in early 2023 to increase water capacity and enable additional properties to be added to the municipal drinking water system. As staff worked to connect properties, unauthorized water connections and use were identified at specific properties. After investigating, staff worked with residents, builders, and developers to ensure the necessary infrastructure was in place to connect properties safely, including installing meters and retroactively capturing water use to recover financial costs.

The second phase of improvements planned to be completed by Winter 2024 will add additional water capacity, enabling further growth.

“Staff have worked with residents to ensure safe connections at all properties identified as having irregular connections,” said Norfolk County Mayor Amy Martin. “The County has achieved full cost recovery and ensured the safety of our drinking water system – both of which are Council priorities.”

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