Norfolk staff, along with community partners Port Dover Board of Trade, Port Dover Kinsmen Club, and Norfolk County OPP, are preparing for October’s Friday the 13th event in Port Dover. 

County staff are working closely with Friday the 13th organizers to support traffic-related issues, emergency contingency plans, licensing requirements, and enforcement matters to ensure a safe and enjoyable event for motorcycle enthusiasts. 

Community partners coordinate street vendors, shuttle services, beer tents and camping for visitors. 

“Friday the 13th is an event like no other that brings about a significant benefit to the local economy,” said Amy Martin. “I encourage everyone enjoying the festivities to put safety first, don’t drink and drive, and ride with caution.” 

In 2019, Norfolk established By–Law 2019–58 to allow temporary street closures for public safety, except for emergency and service vehicles. 


Street closures are as follows: 

From 4 p.m. on Thursday the 12th until 4 a.m. on Saturday the 14th: 

  • Main St., from Clifford St. to Walker St. 
  • Market St. East, from Main St. to St. Andrew St. 
  • Market St. West (from St. George St. to Main St.) 
  • Park St. 

From 3 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on Friday the 13th: 

  • Nelson St. East, from St. Patrick to Hwy. 24 
  • Greenock St. West, from St. George to Richardson Drive 
  • Richardson Drive, from Nelson St. West to Greenock St. 

While residents will no longer be required to show proof of residency or a resident dash pass to enter town or checkpoints, they must adhere to the by-law prohibiting driving and parking on closed streets.  

The Port Dover Kinsmen will offer a shuttle service for the 2023 event, with pickup and drop-off points at the Port Dover Kinsmen Hall and on Chapman Street, midway between Main and St. Andrew.  

Camping at Silver Lake Park will not be offered for this event, however, camping provided by the Port Dover Kinsmen at the former Doverwood School site continues to be available. 

Additional event details, including by-law, map, shuttle route and information on vendor licensing, can be found at