Nov. 27 – Norfolk County has received reports of fraudulent phone calls being received by residents in nearby municipalities purporting to be from that area’s Provincial Offences Act (POA) Court.


The message asks residents to call the POA courthouse or press 2 and indicates they are going to be arrested for unpaid fines and fraud.


A live person then advises them that they are from Revenue Canada or the police and tells them they will be arrested.


While there’s no indication that this scam is currently in use in Norfolk County, should you receive such a message, please ignore it.


The Norfolk County POA office is not working with Revenue Canada to collect unpaid fines and does not issue warrants for arrest for unpaid fines. 


Norfolk County’s POA office is responsible for administering and prosecuting provincial offences including those committed under the Highway Traffic Act, the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, the Trespass to Property Act, the Liquor Licence Act, as well as municipal bylaws and minor federal offences.