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Norfolk County Public Library (NCPL) is pleased to announce an upcoming accessibility project at the Port Rowan Branch that will improve access to library resources and enhance accessibility for all visitors.

The project will replace shelving at the Port Rowan Branch with accessible shelving that ensures that individuals with disabilities, including those using wheelchairs or mobility aids, can easily access library materials and resources.

The temporary closure of the Port Rowan Branch, from April 2 to 28, is necessary to install new accessible shelving.

The new shelving system will provide ample space and improved visibility, allowing all library visitors a more efficient and enjoyable browsing experience. By investing in accessible infrastructure, Norfolk County Public Library is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for the entire community.

During the closure, the community can access library services and resources online and at the Port Dover, Delhi, Waterford, and Simcoe library branches.

The Accessible Shelving for Libraries Project is a joint venture between the Norfolk County Public Library and The Corporation of Norfolk County. The completion of the accessible shelving replacement reinforces the commitment by both the Library and the County to provide equal access to knowledge and resources for everyone.