Norfolk County is installing gateway signage promoting itself as “Ontario’s Garden”, as part of a project supported by the Ontario government that will bring the benefits of Ontario grown food to patients and residents living in local health care facilities.

As part of the project’s consumer education and outreach, 17 gateway signs will be installed at entry points to Norfolk County. The new sign design with the slogan Ontario’s Garden, From our Fields to your Table showcases Norfolk County’s leadership and initiative in agriculture.

The initiative will help promote the many growers of fruit and vegetables, plus cider and cheese makers, wineries, butchers and honey producers located within Norfolk County.

Norfolk County, Ontario’s Garden is Canada’s most diverse agricultural area. Due to the sandy soils and warmer than average climate, Norfolk County enjoys longer growing seasons, producing some extraordinary food such as edamame, goji berries and Lake Erie yellow perch.

According to Statistics Canada, Norfolk County is Ontario’s leading grower of apples, asparagus, cabbage, cucumbers, green onions and shallots, peanuts, pumpkin, strawberries, sweet corn and sweet potatoes, and zucchini.

“We anticipate these eye-catching signs to bring awareness that will increase the amount of food consumed locally and expand Ontario’s Garden to other areas of the province,” said Norfolk County Mayor Dennis Travale. “When we buy Ontario, everyone wins. It’s good for our economy, our farmers and the environment.”