Online nominations for Norfolk County’s Community Development awards and volunteer selection committee will be opened today, until March 19 at


Residents are invited to nominate a person or project that is helping to build a healthy, livable community in one of the following categories:


  • Best New Build or Renovation Award
  • Outstanding Community Design Award
  • Environmental Sustainability Award
  • Norfolk Spirit Award for Agriculture
  • Thriving New Business Award
  • Economic Excellence and Prosperity Award
  • Heritage Property Stewardship Dogwood Award
  • Heritage and Culture Dogwood Award
  • Lifetime Leadership Award
  • Youth Leadership Award
  • Community Development Champion Award

Some award categories are open to both individuals and groups. Visit the website for descriptions, criteria, conditions, and eligibility.

Applications for the selection committee membership are open until March 19, 2023. Residents are encouraged to participate and can apply to join a selection committee on the awards website.

Last week Norfolk County announced the launch of the 2023 Norfolk Community Development Awards. The new program incorporates and evolves the previous Heritage Dogwood, Development Site Plan and Economic Development Awards with new categories and a new format.

The awards will be presented in early June with a further announcement and publication of award recipients.