March is National Procurement month, and Norfolk County is recognizing the valuable work of its Purchasing team this March as part of National Procurement Month.

Ensuring optimal value for money and fostering fair competition are key responsibilities of the Purchasing staff. They achieve this by developing purchasing policies and procedures while supporting all County divisions and departments. The Purchasing team facilitates corporate contracts, develops informal and formal bid documents, ensures compliancy, oversees contract execution and manages the procurement card program. Their efforts are dedicated to serving the County and its residents with integrity and efficiency in procurement processes.

To uphold transparency and fairness while securing the best value for both the County and its residents, the Purchasing team adheres to competitive bidding policies and procedures that align with trade agreements and public procurement regulations. All bidding opportunities are posted on the bids and tenders website, which allows vendors to access, register, download, and submit bids online. This process ensures an open and honest procurement process, fostering equal opportunities for vendors and promoting accountability in County transactions.

To learn more about the Purchasing Department, visit the County’s Current Bidding Opportunities webpage.



Mayor Amy Martin

“During National Procurement Month, we celebrate the vital role procurement plays in ensuring our community’s needs are met efficiently and effectively. It’s a testament to the dedication and expertise of our procurement professionals who are continually working behind the scenes to drive innovation, savings, and quality outcomes for Norfolk County.”