Norfolk County will debut its new, illuminated “NORFOLK” sign at the historic Simcoe Panorama later this month.  

This radiant display, provided through the Norfolk County Economic Development Department, is set to be revealed December 23 at 5:30 p.m. beside the Holiday Gazebo in Wellington Park.  

The sign was created by Banner Promotions in Dorchester at a cost of $35,000, which was drawn from the Capitol Budget. It weighs 1313 pounds and utilizes LED lights at a rate of 5.6 amps.  

John Regan, Director of Strategic Innovation and Economic Development, noted that “The “NORFOLK” sign features illuminated letters, representing the County’s commitment to innovation and community engagement. As a movable landmark, it will appear at various events and locations throughout Norfolk, offering unique photo opportunities and enhancing public spaces.” 

“Our goal in creating the ‘NORFOLK’ sign was to craft something that is not just visually striking, but also emblematic of the spirit and energy of Norfolk County,” said Brandon Sloan, General Manager, Community Development, “The unveiling at the Panorama is just the beginning of its journey.”  

The ceremony will be led by Mayor Amy Martin, with a special appearance by Santa Claus himself. This event not only marks a new chapter in Norfolk’s community life but pays homage to the rich tradition of the Simcoe Panorama, Ontario’s oldest light festival and destination for folks within the region and beyond for a yearly dose of holiday cheer. 

“I’m always happy to shine extra light on all the great things happening in Norfolk,” said Mayor Amy Martin. “This sign is a great tool that symbolizes joy, unity and pride in our home that will help us promote community events but it’s especially an honour to unveil it at the Simcoe Panorama, one of Norfolk’s most cherished events.”   

Norfolk invites residents and visitors alike to join in this celebration and share their experiences on social media using the hashtag #norfolksign. The unveiling precedes the much-loved Santa Visits, which begin in the Holiday Gazebo at 6 p.m. 

“We’re excited for visitors to interact with the ‘NORFOLK’ sign, capturing moments and creating memories.” said Alice Smith, Chair of the Panorama Board. “It’s a new icon that ties beautifully into the Panorama’s tradition of bringing people together in celebration of the season.”