October 15, 2021 – As fall yard cleanup begins, Norfolk County is reminding residents to dispose of leaf and yard waste properly.

Raking leaves into the streets can cause clogged sewer drains and make sidewalks and roadways slippery and dangerous for pedestrians and vehicles.

From October 18 to November 26, residents in urban zones can place their yard waste curbside with regular collection in brown paper leaf bags.

This includes those living in the urban areas of Long Point, Simcoe, Port Dover, Langton, Port Rowan, Turkey Point, Vittoria, St. Williams, Courtland, Delhi, and Waterford.

Residents may also consider mulching leaves directly into their lawn, or composting.

Alternately, residents can bring leaf and yard waste material in yard waste bags or loose in a trailer to the South Walsingham or Simcoe transfer stations free of charge.

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