Skateboard on a skate park.

Norfolk County Council has voted in favour of a budget amendment to contribute an additional $100,000 to the Waterford Skate Park Committee.  

The funds will take the form of a grant to allow for the addition of a BMX bike pump track and to offset increased project costs due to inflation and other factors.  

The Waterford Skate Park Committee, made up of a group of community volunteers, raised over $478,000 for the park to date through fundraising, grants, and in-kind donations. Norfolk County contributed $200,000 to the project in 2018 through the capital budget. Current estimates have the project’s total cost set at $778,000.  

The park’s inclusive design features include elements for all skill levels and abilities and adaptive and wheelchair accessibility for people with disabilities. Upon completion, Norfolk County will assume ownership and maintenance of the Skate Park and BMX Pump Track.  

“On behalf of Council, I am thrilled to see this project approaching the finish line. It’s an example of the power of community volunteers to see a need in their community and get the support of donors and partners to make it happen,” said Mayor Amy Martin. “The Waterford Skatepark’s focus on inclusive design means it will be a place all members of the community can enjoy.”  

The skate park and BMX pump track will be located on the northeast area of the Waterford Heritage and Agricultural Museum site allowing for connections to the trail, ponds, and surrounding greenspace. When complete, the area will become a community hub where families can enjoy the museum and nearby amenities, shops, and restaurants.   

“I am so proud of the work done by the Waterford Skate Park volunteers,” said Ward 7 Councillor Kim Huffman. “This was a grassroots project that residents and Norfolk County will benefit from going forward.” 

In late April 2023, the Skate Park Committee prepared and completed a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the design and build of the facility. 

Residents can view the report to Council online on the Norfolk County website. More information on the park can be found at