Earlier today, Council received the resignation of Jason Burgess, Norfolk County’s Chief Administrative Officer.

Burgess has accepted the position of CAO with the City of Niagara Falls.

The County has undertaken a number of positive steps during Jason’s tenure including:

  • Restructuring its finances in order to stop recurring annual deficits that had eroded the County’s reserves.  The financial plan going forward is a multi-year plan to return the County to sustainability. 
  • Developing a high-quality senior team that is focused on developing new and innovative approaches to the County’s services.
  • Revamping customer service at the County into a new “one window” approach, where residents receive a more streamlined and consistent customer service experience.
  • Investing in new and improved services such as the relocation of the Simcoe Seniors and developing a multi-use dryland facility that will provide residents with a host of new recreational opportunities.
  • Addressing the long-term water infrastructure issues that the County has.  

“This was a difficult decision for me, as I believe Norfolk County has a great team that is performing at a high level even with the challenges of COVID,” says Jason. “I enjoyed working for – and have a tremendous amount of respect for this Council. They have dealt with some incredible challenges. Managing COVID19, depleted financial reserves and a water crisis that came out of the blue – would have frankly swamped many Councils – but this Council has fought through these tough issues.  I would thank all of Council for the faith they showed in me during my tenure.  I would also be remised not to thank Mayor Chopp for her endless support that she provided me and my senior management team.”

Council wishes to thank Jason for the leadership he has provided the County over the past year, and wish him the very best in his future endeavours.

It is anticipated that Jason will continue his responsibilities as Norfolk’s CAO until July 23.