Norfolk County’s Budget Committee has reviewed and approved the 2024-2033 Capital Plan.  

Norfolk’s 2024 Capital Budget is heavily focused on managing existing assets, with notable expenditures in roads, facilities, and water and wastewater treatment plants.   

Based on the discussions and deliberations, the Committee is recommending gross capital expenditures of $1.02 billion from 2024 to 2033, with $166.5 million in projects planned to be initiated in 2024. 

Highlights of the capital projects to be initiated in 2024 include: 

  • Simcoe Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades ($58.3 million) 
  • Port Dover Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades ($29.4 million) 
  • Road Reconstruction Program ($16.6 million) 
  • Port Rowan Water Treatment Plant Upgrades ($14.1 million) 
  • Simcoe Recreation Centre Retrofit ($4.1 million) 
  • Dressing Room Expansions – Arenas ($8.5 million) 
  • Accessible Parking – Norview Lodge ($0.9 million) 

The impact of capital financing on the 2024 Levy and Rate Supported Operating budgets as a result of the Budget Committee approval will be 4.15 percent on the net tax levy and 6.9 percent on the net rate requirement. These increases will be incorporated into overall tax and ratepayer impacts when the respective operating budgets are reviewed. 

“We are moving forward on our journey to improve reserves,” said Mayor Amy Martin. “While further work is required, the plan represents significant investment in our assets including roads, facilities, water and wastewater, with a focus on maintaining a state of good repair, ensuring residents continue to receive the valuable services offered by Norfolk County.”  

The budget is not final until ratified by Council on November 21, 2023. A comprehensive listing of all planned capital projects can be found at