The Bridge Project, located on Norfolk County Road 45, is now complete.

Situated close to Langton between Highway 59 and East Quarter Line Road, the new bridge is a single-lane prefabricated modular panel bridge 5.7 metres wide and has a life span of between 50 and 75 years.

“Council is pleased to announce the bridge construction is complete,” said Mayor Amy Martin. “Agriculture is important to Norfolk’s economy, and we have delivered a single-lane bridge wide enough for modern-day agricultural equipment and vehicular traffic.”

The original single-lane Bailey Bridge was constructed in 1992 and was in service until December 2018.

The project scope also included road reconstruction to address seasonal flooding issues throughout the area.

Drivers should note that the speed limit has been reduced to 50 km per hour on the approaches to the bridge and 30 km per hour for the single-lane bridge.