User Fees

Planning application development fees are not required with the submission of your completed and signed development application.  Your planning application fee will be determined by the planner when your application has been verified and deemed complete.  Prepayments will not be accepted.


Zoning Amendment —Regular 10,211.00
Zoning Amendment - Major 15,089.00
Zoning Amendment – Removal of Holding  and Temporary Use Extensions 924.00
Official Plan Amendment - Regular 10,590.00
Official Plan Amendment - Major 15,998.00
Official Plan and Zoning Amendments Combined - Regular 13,567.00
Official Plan and Zoning Amendments Combined - Major 22,631.00
Site Plan - Regular 10,857.00
Site Plan - Major 19,406.00
Site Plan Minor or Amendment 4,736.00
Site Plan Agreement 2,780.00
Site Plan for Farm Diversified Use 1,307.00
Recirculation-Site Plan Sudivision or Condominium 1,070.00
Site Plan Agreement Compliance Letter 107.00
Subdivision and/or Condominium (plus $75 per lot) 17,965.00
Subdivision and/or Condominium Agreement 4,668.00
(Redline) Subdivision and/or Condominium Revisions to Draft Plan  1,226.00
Subdivision and/or Condominium/Site Plan and Part Lot Control Extensions to Draft Approval 1,539.00
Urban Forestry Trees 542.00
Civic Addressing – Assignment of Number and Sign Charges 120.00
Agreement Default 1,070.00
Other Agreements 1,624.00
Pre-Servicing Agreement 2,219.00
Cash-In-Lieu of Parkland (per lot fee) 1,018.00
Condominium Conversion  3,522.00
Communications Tower 2,000.00
Green Energy Act - Protocol for Renewable Energy Projects 1,167.00
Part Lot Control Exemption 2,334.00

Note 1 —Major applications are generally defined as applications that include additional study requirements; those where there are potential land use contaminants and where the effect of land use would impact a large area. All interpretations are subject to the approval of the Manager of Community Planning

Note 2 —Major applications are generally defined to include the establishment of large-scale developments or the expansion of existing large-scale commercial uses, the establishment of new higher-density residential uses, and new or expanding Medical Marijuana Permitted Facilities.

Consent 4,952.00
Surplus Farm Dwelling Consent and Zoning Amendment 5,920.00
Minor Variance 2,743.00
Drainage - Severance Reapportionment 320.00
Roads - Entrance Permits 262.00

Application Deferral, Recirculation or Inactive File 538.00
Publication Sales (Official Plan or Zoning By-Law) 121.00
Pre-Consultation Meeting 500.00
Photo copy color or black and white 0.80
Subdivision/Condominium Re-submissions (applicable upon second submission) 1,731.00
Inspection/Acceptance/Assumption Review 3% Developer Costing

Note 3 — Deferral fee is applied if a request is made by the applicant.

  • A recirculation fee is applied when substantive changes are made to the proposal and requires recirculation to agencies.
  • If recirculation warrants a newspaper notice an additional $350 fee will be applied.
  • Inactive fee is applied when there has been no action or communication for one year.
  • If the inactive fee is not provided the development application will be closed.