The Building division of Norfolk County handles the permits required for building and/or renovating.  The permits gives the builder the legal authorization to start construction.  The application forms for permits can be found on the Forms, Permits, and Licenses page.

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PROPOSED ENERGY EFFICENCY: Full Height Basement Insulation

Over the next few years, Ontario’s Building Code will require increasing levels of energy efficiency for new building and buildings undergoing renovation. These requirements are part of the Government’s plan to create a greener Ontario and a culture of conservation. Phasing in these energy efficiency changes allows builders, building officials and others in the building industry time to prepare for the new requirements. The next phase of this plan will require that homes constructed based on permits applied for after December 31, 2008 include near full height insulated foundation walls. A new Best Practices Guide for the installation of Near-full Height Basement Insulation has been produced with the valuable assistance of the Ontario Home Builders Association, Ontario Building Code Officials Association, NAIMA Canada and others in the building sector. The guide will benefit home builders, designers, and enforcement officials by addressing Building Code, technical and practical issues associated with the details and installation of basement insulation.


On June 18, 2008 O. Reg 205/08 was filed. This regulation further amends the Building Code to require fire sprinklers in multiple-unit residential buildings over three storeys in height. The new requirements will apply to building permit applications filed on or after April 1, 2010. Building permit applications for residential buildings higher than three storeys submitted on or after that date must comply with the new fire sprinkler requirements. Ontario is increasing the fire-safety of new large residential buildings. Changes to the Building Code will require sprinkler systems in new condos and apartments higher than three storeys. The changes will bring the Building Code into greater harmony with the model National Building Code of Canada.

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