Norfolk’s urban leaf and yard waste collection begins April 8 in zone one (Simcoe and Long Point) and April 15 for zones two (Port Dover, Langton, and Port Rowan) and three (Turkey Point, Vittoria, St. Williams, Courtland, Delhi, and Waterford).

Leaf and yard waste can be placed in brown paper leaf bags and left curbside on waste collection day. Leaves in plastic bags will not be collected.

Alternative methods of disposal include mulching leaves directly into lawns or composting. Residents can also bring leaf and yard waste material in yard waste bags or loose in a trailer to transfer stations in Simcoe and South Walsingham free of charge.

Residents should avoid raking or blowing leaves onto the street or neighbouring properties as per by-law 2004-213.  Leaves can clog sewer drains, make sidewalks and roadways slippery, and can hinder the work of street sweepers.

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