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Welcome to Norfolk County Community Planning! Norfolk County is responsible for both current development and long-term policy projects in the County. You will find plenty of helpful information below that can help you with your planning application, as well as details about ongoing policy projects.

Group photo of Norfolk County Community Planning staff.

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Robinson Administration Building
185 Robinson Street, Suite 200
Simcoe, ON N3Y 5L6
Phone: (519) 426-5870
Fax: (519) 428-3069
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Pam Duesling
Manager of Community Planning
Extension 1342

Shannon VanDalen
Senior Planner
Extension 1834

Kayla Rell
Extension 1828

Annette Helmig
Agreement and Development Coordinator
Extension 1849

Gail Gates
Community Planning/Heritage and Culture Assistant
Extension 1340

Gilbertson Administration Building
12 Gilbertson Drive
N3Y 4L1 Simcoe, ON
Phone: (519) 426-5870
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Richard Roberts
GIS Supervisor
Extension 1833

Kevin Judd
Senior Planning Technician
Extension 1827

Rebecca Dang
Senior Planning Technician
Extension 1843

Langton Administration Building
22 Albert Street
Langton, ON N0E 1G0
Phone: (519) 875-4485
Fax: (519) 875-4789
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Mary Elder
Principal Planner
Extension 1341

Mat Vaughan
Senior Planner
Extension 1840

Alisha Cull
Extension 1893

Sherry Mott
Secretary-Treasurer, Committee of Adjustment
Extension 1835


Please visit the Developer Information page for more helpful information for developers.

Guiding Documents

Provincial Policy Statement

Norfolk County Official Plan

Norfolk County Zoning By-law 1-Z-2014

Application Forms


Committee of Adjustment

Terms of Reference

Norfolk Environmental Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference

Pre-Consultation Meetings

If you are considering submitting a complex planning proposal, it is strongly recommended that you attend a pre-consultation meeting. These confidential meetings are hosted by the Development Action Team which is made up of staff from departments across the County who can provide valuable feedback on your proposal and outline what may be required as part of a complete application. After the meeting, you will receive a copy of the minutes which outline all that is required. These meetings occur on the second and fourth Wednesday afternoons of each month, and need to be booked at least two weeks in advance. To book a meeting, please contact Shannon Van Dalen.


Hastings Drive Zoning Study

The County of Norfolk initiated the “Hastings Drive Zoning Study” to review the appropriate zoning for lands located west of the lot municipally addressed as 43 Hastings Drive, Long Point.

MacNaughton Hermsen Britton Clarkson Planning Limited (MHBC) was retained by the County to lead this project. Pierre Chauvin BSc (Agr.), MA, MCIP, RPP is the Project Manager and Dan Currie MA, MCIP, RPP the Facilitator. Norfolk County staff liaison and main community contact person is Mary Elder BES, MCIP, RPP – Principal Planner. Questions should be directed to her at or by telephone at 519-875-4485 or 519-426-5870 or 519-582-2100 extension 1341.

Stakeholder meetings were held on September 4, 2015 with over 50 people providing their input and opinions. The consultant’s presentation may be viewed here.

Hastings Drive Zoning Study Stakeholder Meeting Presentation Sep 4.15 Hastings Drive Zoning Study Stakeholder Meeting Presentation Sep 4.15

Terms of Reference were approved by Council-In-Committee on September 15, 2015.

Hastings Drive Zoning Study Final Terms Of Reference Sept 15 Hastings Drive Zoning Study Final Terms Of Reference Sept 15

Public Meeting – February 23, 2016 The consultant, after consultation with the Technical Advisory Committee, prepared a Draft Issues and Options paper which was discussed at the Public Meeting.

Hastings Drive Issues & Options Report January 8 2016 Hastings Drive Issues & Options Report January 8 2016

Public Meeting – May 10, 2016 After hearing from Council and the community, the consultant prepared a Final Hastings Drive Zoning Study Report. This was discussed on March 23, 2016 with the Technical Advisory Committee and the document went before Council at the Public Meeting.

Final Issues & Options Report April 25 2016 (including Draft By-law) Final Issues & Options Report April 25 2016 (including Draft By-law)

Council Memo – June 14, 2016 Please see the memo for full details.

Hastings Drive Zoning Memo – June 10, 2016 Hastings Drive Zoning Memo – June 10, 2016

Public Meeting – July 12, 2016

Hastings Drive Zoning Study Notice of Public Meeting - July 12, 2016 Hastings Drive Zoning Study Notice of Public Meeting – July 12, 2016

The requested Zoning By-Law that Council considered at the Public Meeting can be found below.

Hastings Drive Requested Bylaw Option 5 - June 29 Hastings Drive Requested Bylaw Option 5 – June 29

47-Z-2016 Notice Of Passing 47-Z-2016 Notice Of Passing

This By-law has been appealed by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and four land owners.

Five Year Official Plan Review logoFive-Year Official Plan Review: Grow Norfolk, 2015

Norfolk County is undertaking an Official Plan Review (OPR) in order to update and review its existing Official Plan document.

To stay up-to-date with this project or for more information visit: Five-Year Official Plan Review or contact us at:

Community Planning Division
185 Robinson Street, Suite 200, Simcoe
519.426.5870 or 519.875.4485 or 519.582.2100 ext. 1341

Rural Community Improvement Plan

Norfolk County has developed a Rural Community Improvement Plan intended to focus on incentives and programs to promote investment in tourism, agri-business, and the revitalization of downtown and hamlet areas.

For further information please contact:

Linda D’Hondt-Crandon, Economic Development Coordinator
Norfolk County, 185 Robinson Street Suite 200, Simcoe ON  N3Y 1R9 519-426-5870 ext. 1264 or 1-866-834-1726

Population Projection Study

In June 2014, Council approved the Norfolk County Population Projection Study, as prepared by Hemson Consulting. The projections include long-term forecasts of population, housing and employment. The forecast is applicable to the entire County, but were also prepared for each specific urban area within the County from the year 2011 to 2031 and to 2041 time horizons. These years were selected as they provide a basis for planning within the 20 year provincial planning policy horizon as well as correspond with census years. The projections are intended to provide a likely “reference” scenario for a consistent basis for future growth planning of all departments within the County.

Norfolk County Population Projections 28 May 2014 Norfolk County Population Projections 28 May 2014

Drinking Water Source Protection

The Clean Water Act was passed in 2006 by the Ontario legislature in response to the Walkerton Inquiry. Municipal drinking water sources are to be protected throughout Ontario. Drinking water source protection will allow for the identification of threats to municipal water quality and water supplies, and the creation of a plan to reduce the risk posed by those threats. The task of developing source protection plans is being guided by the Lake Erie Region Source Protection Committee. Committee members include representatives of municipalities, farmers, businesses, industry, residents and others. During the past two years information on the sources of municipal drinking water and potential threats to water quality have been identified. In the Long Point Region Assessment Report, the vulnerable areas around the wells and surface water intakes have been identified, as well as significant threats – the human activities with the greatest potential to cause harm to the water sources.

The Source Protection Plan contains the policies and programs that will be needed to reduce the risk posed by the identified activities. The Lake Erie Region Source Protection Committee and source protection staff are working closely with municipalities to identify the best collection of policies and programs to protect drinking water sources.

The Long Point Region Source Protection Plan was approved by the Ministry of Environment and came into effect on July 1, 2016. Staff will be screening development applications to ensure compliance with the Source Protection Plan policies. Amendments to the Norfolk County Official Plan and Norfolk County Zoning By-law 1-Z-2014 are required. The entire Plan and further information is available from the Lake Erie Region Source Protection Committee at Printed copies are available at the Langton, Delhi and Simcoe County Administration offices.

Norfolk County Mapping

To view different types of Norfolk County Maps please go to this page.