Lynn Valley Trail


Come Explore with Us

Walking is a way to reduce stress, enhance mood, meet new people, and enjoy the landscapes in our very own backyard. Every Wednesday we will discover a new area of Norfolk County.


2023 Spring/Summer Schedule

  • May 3 —Lookout Bluff Trail, 194 Turkey Point Road
  • May 10 — Backus Wood South Parking, 1329 Concession Rd. 3, Port Rowan
  • May 17 — Lynn Valley Trail, Simcoe Memorial Park, 273 Owen Street, Simcoe
  • May 24 — Port Rowan Wetlands, 30 Hunter Drive North, Port Rowan
  • May 31 — Waterford Heritage Trail, Parking Lot at end of Nichol Street West
  • June 7 — Backus Woods North Parking, 218 Norfolk County Hwy 24, Walsingham
  • June 14 — Hay Creek Conservation Area Trail, 241 Port Ryerse Rd., Simcoe
  • June 21 — Delhi Rail Trail, Fertilizer Rd., Delhi
  • June 28 —Lynn Valley Trail, 330 Bridge Alley Parking Lot, Port Dover


The trail leads to a bluff overlooking the village of Turkey Point and Long Point Bay. The only provincial park with a golf course, Turkey Point is also a naturalist’s paradise.

Its diverse ecosystem includes marshes, bluffs and oak savanna.

Backus Woods is one of the highest quality old-growth hardwood forests in all of Ontario and the best remaining example in the Carolinian Life Zone.

Maintained walking trails guide you through numerous habitats such as dry forested ridges, wet sloughs, buttonbush swamps and floodplains.


In Simcoe this trail meets up with the Norfolk Sunrise Trail, allowing you to continue to Waterford or head towards Delhi.


Starting at Silver Lake in Port Dover, you’ll pass sections of forest and grassland that will make you forget you’re in Southern Ontario. This trail is almost always covered by trees and shaded from the sun, with a few open areas near a grassland and a field. This trail passes over a number of rivers and creeks on beautiful old, well-maintained wooden footbridges. In Simcoe, it meets up with the Norfolk Sunrise Trail at Victoria Street, just south of Clifton Park. 


The trail begins just off of Hunter Drive North, and continues around the Wetlands, with a short loop going out through the restored tallgrass prairie and towards the municipal drain.

The former lagoon area in the center of the trail is known for plentiful waterfowl, and there is a lookout available to view this area. Other features include ongoing restoration and habitat enhancement projects.

Native tallgrass prairie, tree plantings and small wetlands/vernal pools provide habitat for reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals and pollinating insects. A hibernaculum has been built to provide overwintering habitat for snakes.

The Waterford Heritage Trail is a 19km old rail line trail.

Gorgeous forests, fields, wetlands and grasslands line this rail trail, giving you a diverse landscape to view as you make your way into the town of Waterford.

Here you’ll find the newly revamped Black Bridge; an old rail bridge that has been retrofitted specifically to connect the two ends of the Waterford Heritage Trail.

Black Bridge overlooks Waterford Ponds to the west, and to the east, you can see the small downtown area looking picturesque with old buildings and trees.

This trail loops through wooded areas and past the Hay Creek Reservoir, providing an opportunity for bird-watching and viewing a variety of plants. There are signs that describe some of the trees. The trail dips beside the Hay Creek Reservoir and hikers can cross a footbridge into the conservation area.

 The Carolinian forest offers a spectacular backdrop for the trail system at Hay Creek.


The Delhi Rail Trail is a 13.8km trail that takes you from the outskirts of Delhi into the heart of Simcoe, where it connects with the Norfolk Sunrise Trail, giving you the option to continue on to Port Dover or to Waterford.

Passing through old fields, past farmhouses, and through forests, you’ll get a real sense of the landscape of the area. There are benches and bike stands at almost every trail access point to easily take breaks along the route.