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Book Your Ride

Request your ride on the app, website, or by calling. Book 15 minutes – 7 days in advance between 7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Brantford service remains a fixed schedule:

  1. For the best experience, download the Blaise Transit App from the Apple Store or Google Play
  2. Online at ride.blaisetransit.com
  3. Call Ride Norfolk customer service at 1-888-465-0783


Bus Stop Locations

View the online map for a complete list of stops or visit the bus stop locations page.



App booking features

For the best experience, download the ‘Blaise Transit’ app to unlock the following Ride Norfolk features at your fingertips:

  • Pre-book your ride on the Brantford line
  • Book your trip from stop-to-stop within Norfolk County
  • Pay your fare 
  • Track the bus location in real-time
  • Receive service notifications

How to get started

  1. Download the free Blaise Transit app.   Blaise Transit logo
  2. Create an account or log in to your existing account.
  3. Select Ride Norfolk as your transit operator.
  4. Book your trip for today, tomorrow, or even next week!

PRO TIP: It’s helpful to view our Routes & Schedules before requesting your trip!

How to use the app

Simply enter your departure location and destination, when you want to leave or arrive.

The Brantford line will continue on its fixed schedule. The app will connect you to the closest departure time based on your request. Check the Routes & Schedules prior to booking!

Trip requests remain in the Pending tab for up to 2 minutes, then accepted trips are moved to the Upcoming tab.

A detailed itinerary is available 45 minutes before departure, alerting you when to leave, when and where you’ll be picked up, when and where you’ll be dropped off, and when you’ll arrive at your destination. Press Begin Trip to track your bus in real time and get your private code to board the bus.

Brantford Schedule

Brantford Service – Departure Times
 Stop #   Route 1 Route 2
S1 Depart Simcoe Library 9:15 3:20
W2 Waterford Library 9:30 3:35
WL1 Wilsonville 9:38 3:43
O1 Oakland Community Centre 9:44 3:49
MP1 Mount Pleasant Community Centre 9:51 3:56
B1 ARRIVE Brantford Bus Terminal 10:05 4:10
B1 DEPART Brantford bus Terminal 10:28 4:30
MP1 Mount Pleasant Community Centre 10:42 4:44
O1 Oakland Community Centre 10:48 4:50
WL1 Wilsonville 10:52 4:57
W2 Waterford Library 10:58 5:04
S1 Arrive Simcoe Library 11:13 5:20
The service to Brantford is made possible by the Ontario Community Transportation Grant through the Government of Ontario.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the app?

The app is called ‘Blaise Transit‘ and is available to download for FREE from both the App Store and Google Play. Once you have downloaded the app, create an account or log into your existing account, and then select Ride Norfolk as your transit operator.

Apple Store

QR code for Blaise transit app on App Store

Google Play

QR code for Blaise transit app on Google Pay Store

I don’t have a smartphone. Can I still book a trip?

You sure can! Use the web app to book online at ride.blaisetransit.com or call Ride Norfolk Customer Service at 1-888-465-0783 to book over the phone. Phone-in requests can only pay on board. Debit and credit payments are available only when booking through the app.

If you’re having issues with the app contact the office at 519-428-3178.

Is booking mandatory?

Booking your Brantford trip is strongly encouraged. Booking allows you to guarantee your seat. If booking with the app, you can pay for your ride digitally, and track the bus in real time. Local service must be booked in order to receive your ride.

Why did my requested stop change?
When booking your ride, your requested pick-up location could be different in order to accommodate your ride. This is called an ‘Alternative Trip‘.
Alternative Trips are only offered if your trip would have otherwise been rejected. The new stop location will only be to a stop that is a 5 minute walk or less.
You can select ‘Reduced Mobility’ on your profile if Alternative Trips are not possible for you or let the agent know when you call to book your ride.

How do I track the bus?


Once you have your ride booked, press ‘Begin Trip’ to track the bus in real-time, and get your private code to board the bus.

Can I modify my trip?


Once accepted, a booking cannot be modified in the app. But you can cancel a trip before departure and submit a new request. Starting July 17th, trips cancelled less than 45 minutes before departure, and no-shows will be charged the full fare. Subsequent no-show incidents can result in suspension.

Why was my trip rejected?


It was likely that your requested trip was rejected because it was not within the service operating zones or schedules. Please ensure your origin and destination are in close proximity to an existing stop and within the daily operating schedule.

What is the cost?


The app itself is free. Visit our Fares, Tickets, and Passes page for current fees.

Can I purchase tickets for someone?


Yes.  You can purchase tickets at any Norfolk County Public Library or the Simcoe Recreation Centre. If you are a service agency or community organization, please contact the office at 519-428-3178.

What is On-Demand Transit?

On-Demand Transit is an on request, stop-to-stop pickup system available at certain times and locations throughout Norfolk County.
The service is available on a first come first served basis. Trips can be booked by app, website, or telephone. Brantford service remains a fixed schedule but booking is encouraged to ensure your seat and to pay for your ride digitally.

Why did we change to an On-Demand service?

There are a number improvements in which changing to an On-Demand model brings to our community. Some of these include:

  • Reduce travel time on the bus – more direct service
  • Eliminate the need to transfer
  • Increase access to the bus with a number of new stop locations and increase availability to areas around Norfolk County
  • Improve and increase frequency within Simcoe
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce on board capacity issues

Rides can be booked 7 days – to 15 minutes in advance. More frequent service means the bus will not go beyond capacity.

Are fares changing?

Fares will remain the same. Notice will be given to riders in the event of a change in fares.

Will any stops change?

Service will remain available at all stops in Simcoe. New stops have been be added in certain areas. Service will no longer be available in Courtland, Langton, and Tillsonburg.  Riders can connect to the T:GO service in Delhi on Tuesdays and Fridays. Unless posted here, service remains available at all other current stops in Norfolk County.

I have an appointment and don’t know when I’ll be done. How do I book?

We recommend booking by ‘Arrival Time‘ with a minimum 1.5 hour window for your appointment. This will ensure you arrive at your destination in time for your appointment. If you need to change your time, you can call to have your time changed or cancel your ride in the app and rebook.

What is the difference between Departure Time and Arrival Time?

When booking by Departure Time, the app or call centre agent will inform you of the time you’ll arrive at your destination. If you book by Arrival Time, the app or call centre agent will inform you of the time you’ll be picked-up. Booking by Arrival Time ensures you will arrive at your destination when you need to.

For more information you can call Ride Norfolk at 519-428-3178 or email [email protected].


Other notes for booking a ride:

  • All vehicles are wheelchair accessible
  • Be ready five (5) minutes ahead of your scheduled time. The driver is not required to wait past your scheduled pick-up time
  • Brantford service remains fixed route from stop-to-stop
  • An adult must accompany children under the age of 12
  • Due to safety concerns, Ride Norfolk will not operate if the weather and/or road conditions are deemed unsafe for vehicles
  • No shows and cancelled trips – Riders will receive a credit in their Blaise account in the amount of the fare purchased. Credits will also be issued to your Blaise account in the event of a service disruption or inclement weather cancellation. Refunds will not be issued.