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Ticket or Cash

Pay with exact cash on the bus or purchase tickets in advance. Bus drivers do not carry change.

Ride Norfolk Fares  
Category Cash One-Way Day Pass Multi Ride Monthly Pass
Norfolk County Service In Town Out of Town Unlimited use for same day service within Norfolk County 15 tickets Unlimited use within Norfolk County
Adults $2.50 $6.00 $8.00 $25.00 $68.00
Seniors 55+ $2.00 $4.00 $8.00 $25.00 $68.00
Students $2.00 $4.00 $8.00 $25.00 $68.00
Children ages 5 and under FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE
Brantford Service
Adults, Seniors, Students $10.00
Children ages 5 and under FREE FREE FREE


The service to Brantford is made possible by the Ontario Community Transportation Grant through the Government of Ontario.

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Rider Definitions

Children under 5 years of age and accompanied by an adult.

A person between the ages of 6 and 18 who attends an elementary or secondary school. All secondary students must present their valid “STUDENT Photo I.D. Card” when using a student fare.  Student fares also apply to Simcoe Fanshawe College students.

Available to Senior Citizens, age 55+. Government Senior Citizen I.D. Cards will be honoured as proof of eligibility.

Support Person
A support person is someone who accompanies a person with disabilities on the bus. There is no fare charged to a support person.


Ticket Definitions
In Town: Getting on and getting off in the same town. If a rider gets on and gets off in the same town they are required to pay an In Town fare regardless of where the bus has traveled during the ride.

Out of Town: Getting on and getting off in different towns.  A ‘different town’ is considered any distance 8km or greater from the riders original boarding location.

Purchase Tickets

Tickets can be purchased with cash or debit at any Norfolk County Public Library or with cash, debit or credit at the Simcoe Recreation Centre and the Community Services office:

Delhi: 192 Main Street
Port Dover: 713 St. George Street
Port Rowan: 1034 Bay Street
Simcoe: 46 Colborne Street South
Waterford: 15 Main Street South

Simcoe Recreation Centre
182 South Drive, Simcoe