Treated water is pumped through the central water distribution system to residential homes and businesses in:

  • Simcoe
  • Delhi and Courtland
  • Port Dover
  • Port Rowan and St. Williams
  • Waterford

Visit our water treatment page to learn more about each treatment system.


The County owns, operates and maintains the central and communal well water distribution systems, which includes approximately:

  • 303,912 metres of water mains
  • 1,460 fire hydrants
  • 2,974 water valves
  • 15,183 water meters

Water Distribution System Maintenance

Preventative maintenance represents a proactive approach to maintaining the water distribution system. Acts of preventative maintenance often address issues before they cause a major problem or breakdown and can result in significant cost savings. To ensure effectiveness, many preventative maintenance programs make use of GIS technology to track progress and reported problems. Below are some of the key programs that distribution crews are involved with.

  • Watermain flushing
    Hydrants are flowed in a controlled manner and in one direction to help remove sediment that collects in the watermains.
  • Hydrant maintenance
    This maintenance is conducted year round and includes frost checks during the colder months of the year.
  • Exercising valves
    Valves installed all over the water distribution system are exercised to ensure functionality and identify deficiencies.