Norfolk County has five water and five wastewater systems with approximately 15,769 water accounts and 14,907 wastewater accounts within its urban area. The County provides drinking water through a combination of both surface and ground water sources and has over 300 kilometres of watermains in its water distribution system.

Wastewater services are provided through five (5) wastewater treatment facilities, with 21 pumping stations and approximately 220 kilometres of sanitary sewermains.

The County currently recovers water and wastewater system costs from various direct user fees and administrative charges, and from billings to users through a base and volumetric charge based on water consumed.

What is a rate study?

The primary purpose of a water and wastewater rate study is to:

  • Identify the full costs of managing the County’s water and wastewater systems based on the most recent available information;
  • Evaluate and compare alternative rate structure option against guiding principles, and recommend a preferred rate structure for the recovery of the full costs of water and wastewater services;
  • Update the County’s rates and charges to its customers, using the preferred structure.

Click here to view the Draft Water and Wastewater Rate Study as presented at the October 13, 2020 Council-In-Committee Meeting (scroll to page 24).


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