Norfolk County provides municipal drinking water to the following communities:

• Port Dover
• Simcoe
• Waterford
• Delhi and Courtland
• Port Rowan and St. Williams

These communities all have independent water supply systems, except for Courtland and St. Williams which are supplied via transmission mains from Delhi and Port Rowan, respectively. Simcoe, Delhi, and Waterford have ground water supply sources, whereas Port Dover and Port Rowan have Lake Erie surface water intakes.

In 2016, the County finalized its Integrated Sustainable Master Plan (ISMP) study, which was initiated to address long-term planning for essential community services including potable water strategies to facilitate growth to 2041. The ISMP considered an Inter-Urban Water Supply (IUWS) system, wherein all communities would be interconnected. This option was not recommended at the time due to cost. However, given the projected growth and existing constraints in each community, the County has decided to re-evaluate the IUWS option. The purpose of this program is to identify water quantity and quality issues, develop alternatives to mitigate these issues, and provide recommendations on next steps to provide the County with a secure, inter-urban water supply servicing strategy.

In February 2022, the Inter-Urban Water Supply Program Plan has been finalized and the program implementation started. An update on the IUWS program status was provided to Council on April 12, 2022. 


Norfolk IUWS Presentations